Leapfrog leap pad 2 £34.99 Sainsbury Instore

Leapfrog leap pad 2 £34.99 Sainsbury Instore

Found 2nd Feb 2013
Half price leap pad 2 green in store at Sainsbury Upton Wirral
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fab price, great find!
Do we know if it is national anyone??
Do we know if is national anyone??
Saw these yesterday in sainsburys Dunstable along with the half price innotab 2
Phoned two of my local stores and one was out of stock at £34.99 and the other had stock but was still £68 :-(
I saw yesterday few at Crystal Palace Store but w/o price tag but in sales section
saw this in northampton but reduced to £51
all the leaPAD games are half price too about £10 each
2 or 3 on the shelf in Upton Wirral store this morning. didnt see games but there were games instore at cheshire oaks, got Brave.
oh and they were half price.
Holy moly that's a good price!
I just rang up and they dais they're oos everywhere, anyone else finding the same? Is there a number I can call?
Super good price - I checked my local stores (Hastings and Eastbourne) but said they haven't got any as its been discontinued. Been after one of these for a while for my daughter.
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Need one of these for dd's birthday. Wild goose chase ahead I feel!!
Had 4/5 on the shelf in hove also alot of games. I got an innotab 2 or £40
Stores I checked in Scotland were full price, surprise, surprise! Great price for every1 who got it:)
They had them in the newcastle branch off Benton park road, yesterday.
anyone saw any around birmingham? great price, great toy LO loves hers looking for the niece
None @ bamber bridge or Preston but good find if you can
None here either
My shop have them down to £51. Anyone else having the same problem?
any one know if they are down to this price any where in london
apparently Bristol area isn't doing the offer at all. Oh well
Cant seem to find here in manchester either, does anyone knows where I can it from? Would love to get it for my daughter
on offer in Cobham on Thursday. Having read the reviews we've decided to get our son an android tab
not in hayes middlesex store
Just phoned customer services and lots of stores are showing stock but don't actually have any!
Thanks for this! Picked one up in Stafford at lunchtime today. Had seen them yesterday next to the games which were half price at £10 but there was no price on the shelf. Had it price checked today and came up as £34.99 so grabbed one. There were 2 green ones and 1 pink one left.
This is about all they're worth, frankly.

Saw the posts voting the nabi 2 cold because of its 'closed' ecosystem. Not half as closed as this one and most of the software is only compatible with rather than designed for this so-called flagship device. Apps are ridiculously expensive for what they are, though there are some gems there.
At this price, though, and assuming that you can get it, it becomes a viable buy. I might even be tempted to update my daughter's mark 1...
Great price for hardware just be aware that apps can cost as much as £15
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