Leapfrog Leapband all colours £12 ***Instore*** Tesco

Leapfrog Leapband all colours £12 ***Instore*** Tesco

Found 27th Dec 2014Made hot 28th Dec 2014
Since most geese will have been cooked at Christmas. People will relish a search for more in time for New year.
In Tesco Danestone Aberdeen, they had a huge Yellow display basket with all colours of Leapbands for £12.
I have no idea what it does but I bought one for Jnr anyway. If it's cheap why not.


got one for my daughter, she loves it!

Don't look very good. Didn't sell very well in my local store

Also seen in Abingdon

Great deal - heat added xxx

We've just bought a green one in coulby newham along with some other shopping and it scanned as £25, so we went to customer services and their policy is to refund double the difference so we had £26 refunded! He checked another colour and that one scanned at £12 but was just a problem with the green ones, might be worth checking another store

I bought blue one yesterday from Tesco Danestone for my nephew. I have no idea what it is for ? lolx

I Got one in orange in tescos Ashford crooksfoot!



any chance you could post the barcode

Same price in Alloa, only the orange ones though I think.


Wonder if the be still there Tommorow


My local has them all piled up for £12 … My local has them all piled up for £12 http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/leapfrog-leapband-colours-12-instore-tesco-2100668

arghhh I always check others posts before I do - didnt see that one :-(

Orange £6
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