Leapfrog Little Touch £9.99 IN STORE @ Tesco

Leapfrog Little Touch £9.99 IN STORE @ Tesco

Found 11th May 2008
Only my second post, so be gentle
This is 24.97 on the tesco direct website and cheapest I could find was 29.99, but went into my local tesco store and found it for 9.99 which seems like a real bargain. Got one for a first birthday present.
The additional books were on clearance as well in store.
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i payed £30 for one. [COLOR="Red"]Hot[/COLOR]
Wow! I paid that for a used on on eBay! Nice find Ami!
Which Tesco's was this? Maybe it's near me.

Heat Added - Great find!:thumbsup:
GR8 price. Voted Hot
voted hot
great price voted hot
great proce i paid 25£ on amazon sometime back..

great deal
i got one with 3 for 2 at boots, it's not all that, kids just want to play around with the off button... only for those extra good babies that just sit and monkey learn - non explorers, lol.
Tesco Silverburn in Glasgow
Wow! Hot Hot Hot!

I am looking for another one of these as my little one has broken her's, and I have to replace it 'cos I've spent out a lot on the accompanying books :x

Problem is, we are in Spain and not many eBay sellers want to post it as it's quite heavy and I can't ask the rellies to post one on as there are no Tescos in the vicinity.


A great find though!
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