Leapster Learning Game System - £19.99 delivered from Amazon (£40+ elsewhere)
Leapster Learning Game System - £19.99 delivered from Amazon (£40+ elsewhere)

Leapster Learning Game System - £19.99 delivered from Amazon (£40+ elsewhere)

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Leapster Learning Game System is just £19.99 delivered from Amazon.co.uk

Bargain price for this gadget. Shame that I paid £45 in-store at Wollworths, a month ago, which then was the cheapest. Amazon is known to push the prices up if they see a certain amount of sale on price-slashed items. If you need one, grab it now.

Please note that this gadget is not a LEAP-PAD. This is much more advanced system and is suitable for 4+ children.

Description: With one interactive system and the Leapster Learning Library, children can PLAY action-packed learning games, READ electronic books, CREATE works of art, and WATCH interactive videos! The Leapster teaches through four exciting ways:

(1) Educational Games Player: Learn essential school skills with levelled games that teach reading, maths and critical thinking skills. (2) Digital Art Studio: Encourage creative thinking with dozens of art tools and step-by-step lessons that let children draw, write and create anything they can imagine! (3) Electronic Book Reader: Inspire a love for reading, with electronic storybooks that teach literacy skills, story comprehension, vocabulary and phonemic awareness. (4) Interactive Video Player: Develop fundamental reading and maths skills by playing interactive videos that encourage children to participate in the action.


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Amazon reviews:

[COLOR=darkgreen]This is one of the best toys we have ever purchased. Both our 7 year old and 4 year old have enjoyed it, the games are interesting, exciting and educational. Keeps them quiet in the car, on the plane, any time, a must for anyone on the go and also extremely educational, introducing languages (my daughter who is 4 now knows some spanish) and helping with phonics and numeracy. Excellent value for money.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=navy]I bought the Leapster for my 4 year old daughter for her christmas, she has hardly put it down. I thought she may struggle to understand or control the games, however, with no help from the adults she whizes round the games. The addition of headphones work well and she gets lost in her own little world, learning new things all the time. The games are all educational and she is even writing letters. This was such a hit that she hardly looked at her other toys. I would highly recommend this to any parent, it is a brilliant toy - even my 8 year old son's love it![/COLOR]

Thanks for that, got one for my 4yr old for Xmas! Will have finished xmas shopping soon at this rate lol

Does it come with a game?

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The gadget comes with a catridge but that's mostly for trial. You can get other ones for £5-£10, depending on the title.

There's a Disney princess game for £9.99, does anyone know what websites do games cheaper than Amazon as they seem to be £19.99 for most of their titles.

cheers--i'll take a chance on this too...any tips on cartridge sources?

In my experience its the cartridges are the type of thing to be discounted in stores like Woolworths, Boots (although not sure now as they've got rid of game type systems!), Makro, Asda, Tesco etc.
I haven't found anything on line worth shouting about yet but will hunt around town tomorrow.

Thanks for the info on this though, definately cheaper than anywhere else on the Net, I got one for my 1.5 year old :thumbsup:
Be able to use her Leapfrog bargain I got from Boots about 6 months ago for £12 soon though. Always plan ahead I say :lol:

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Try Woolies in-store... Grabbed a few for Fiver (clearance), a month ago

Also spotted a few at ASDA for £6.99

The picture of this item on the amazon site is quite a bit different to how it looks in the picture above or on other sites like ELC or Toysrus. Is the one amazon sell an old model or something? The amazon pic doesn't seem to have a pen holder at the bottom under the screen for example.

hey jomppa

That spiderman link takes you to Thomas, but it is £9.99 :thumbsup:


Excellent price for this edi, another good one to put away for christmas! :-P

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Thanks Cat

Zandy1 :- to avoid any confusion, I'll revert the pic in OP to that of the one in Amazon.

Thanks Edi - Ordered one for my daughter's Birthday.

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Thanks monstermunch :wink:

Hope ur daughter will be pleased with the buy :grin:

Thanks Edi
Another xmas pressy sorted!

Monstermunch, your avatar is making me peckish... :lol:

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You are welcome dblake
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