Learn a new language for free. VARIOUS
Learn a new language for free. VARIOUS

Learn a new language for free. VARIOUS

The go to deal button will take you to bbc.co.uk but I will list the others in the comments.

BBC Languages - Best for: French, German, Spanish, Italian.

The BBC has high end dedicated language resources, with comprehensive online courses in French, German, Spanish and Italian, from beginner to advanced, as well as a multitude of learning resources for others.

Materials include language oriented soap operas and dramas, and mini learning games/puzzles, as well as more serious grammar tools. In short, it's an excellent resource.

Languages: All main European and many others
Format: Multi-format. Text, audio and video plus interactive games.


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[COLOR=black]LiveMocha - [COLOR=Purple]Best for: Interactive learning with native speakers.[/COLOR]

LiveMocha's a clever idea which uses the power of the web to put language learners in touch with native speakers. It offers various courses which can be taken at your own pace, using plenty of interactive materials to teach.

Most important though is the innovative social networking element, which means you can befriend and help others towards their goal at the same time as they help you. Feedback for the site's excellent, and more languages will be added in due course, so it's definitely one to watch.

If you like the way that LiveMocha works, it's also worth checking out ]Mangolanguages (limited free features), ]Italki and ]Busuu, which work in a similar way.

Languages: Mainly European, more to follow.
Format: Multi-format. Text, audio and video, plus webchat & instant messaging.
[/COLOR][COLOR=black]Link: ]LiveMocha

[/COLOR][COLOR=black]MIT OpenCourseWare -[COLOR=DarkOrchid] Best for: University-level course materials.[/COLOR]

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology prides itself on making its course materials available to everyone, which is a boon for non-students, as some of them are excellent. If you're comfortable learning in an academic style, then there's lots to choose from; as well as straight language courses, there are plenty on local cultures to round off your knowledge.

Many languages are covered, and the site's free and open to all, though will accept donations towards its upkeep. Languages: Worldwide at varying levels.
Format: Mostly text, some audio & video depending on course. [/COLOR][COLOR=black]
Link: ]MIT OpenCourseWare Languages

[/COLOR][COLOR=black]OU LearningSpace - [COLOR=DarkOrchid]Best for: Straightforward German, French, Spanish.[/COLOR]

The Open University's online offering lacks the range of the MIT site above, but makes up for it with simple-to-navigate, detailed courses in German, French and Spanish. The site tests you as you go, and uses audio & video to improve comprehension throughout.

Some modules also focus on the interplay between cultures and languages, to bring your social knowledge up to scratch at the same time as your grammar.

Languages: Mainly German, French, Spanish.
Format: Multi-format inc. interactive tests. [/COLOR][COLOR=black]
Link: ]Open University LearningSpace [/COLOR][COLOR=black]

Before You Know It (BYKI) Lite - [COLOR=DarkOrchid]Best for: Quick Conversational Skills.[/COLOR]

BYKI Lite's a downloadable tool which aims to improve conversational skills by teaching quickfire bitesized phrases. The software monitors responses and adapts itself to suit the learner. It's also fully customizable, and it's available in a pretty impressive 63 languages.
Whilst the Lite version of BYKI is free, and is quite comprehensive, it costs £30 to upgrade to the 'Deluxe' version, which adds more features, extra lists of words/phrases, and a database of downloadable mp3s.

Format: Interactive Audio, Text & Pictures. [/COLOR][COLOR=black]
Link: ]BYKI Lite[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Learn it lists - [COLOR=DarkOrchid]Best for: doing a little every day.[/COLOR]

If you're really short of time (or dedication...) ]learnitlists may be the best option. Instead of offering full-on language courses, this site just gives you ten new words to learn the translations of each day. Learn them, and it'll test your knowledge. It's also ideal if you just want to brush up on a language you've some knowledge of before you go away.[/COLOR]

Thank you for an incredibly useful post! I've already used and would recommend some of the BBC resources, and look forward to trying out the others.

excellent. thanks


A couple of other recommendations for learning a new language:

The "Michel Thomas" courses are THE best way to start with a new language. I've used the French & German courses, and they are brilliant. Just never pay the full price for it - Amazon, Play and WH Smiths all do half-price deals on these courses.

And I recently bought the "Rocket German" course, which, like Michel Thomas, is something you can just listen to on your iPod and learn when travelling. This is a great way to learn extra vocab, and their website has a 6-day demo you can try.

I also bought the "Before you know it" course. A very good "flash-card" method of learning vocab which is worth the money, but avoid the iPhone version.. it's pathetic, even at just $5.

It is interesting because I have tried a couple of Michel Thomas (from the local library) and I have not found them too useful. They made me feel like a parrot but did not let me understand how things work.

For German I was much happier with the BBC course (I gave up in my Norwegian attempts). Maybe it was that I already speak a couple of other languages so structures and grammar are important to me.

Michel Thomas is like Marmite - love it or hate it. Like sofeac above, I prefer to understand how the language works rather than just learn things parrot fashion, then it's easier to carry on learning after the lessons stop.

P.S. Anyone recommend any good Mandarin courses?

nice one


Might try a few for my upcoming french GCSE

I'd love to learn some Japanese!

Go into the Italian Section and look under Arguements-tells you phrases such as

"I'll re-arrange your teeth"

"I'll give you a good slapping"

"What the hell do you want?"

"Go take a dump"

"Dont talk crap"

Made me laugh anyway!!:-D

Always wanted to learn a new laungage but maybe I should master english first!

cheers pinky :thumbsup:

Great, thank you!

Great thanks
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