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LEARN GOLANG AND PYTHON QUICKLY: Coding For Beginners - 2 BOOKS IN 1 Kindle Edition free on Amazon
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LEARN GOLANG AND PYTHON QUICKLY: Coding For Beginners - 2 BOOKS IN 1 Kindle Edition free on Amazon

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Introduction Go Language
Go: Hello World Application
Go language: Build executable
Go: Primitive Data Types
Go language: Print value and type of a variable
Go language: Initialize multiple variables in one line
Go Language: Constants
Go language: iota identifier
Go Language: Type Conversion
Go language: Type Inference
Go language: strings
Go language: concatenate strings
Go language: multi line strings
Go Language: Arrays
Go Language: Arrays are passed by value
Go language: Slices
Go language: Slices are passed by reference
Go language: Iterate over a slice using range keyword
Go language: Get slice from a slice
Go language: Append an element to a slice
Go Language: Map data structure
Go language: Define map using literal notation
Go language: len : Get number of items in a map
Go Language: Map: Check whether an item exists in map or not
Go language: Delete item from the map
Go language: Print all the keys of map
Go language: Print key, value from map
Go language: if statement
Go language: if-else statement
Go language: if statement: combine initialisation and condition evaluation in same line
Go Language: switch statement
Go language: switch without an expression
Go Language: for loop
Go Language: Use for loop as while loop
Go language: Print elements of array
Go language: Iterate over a map
Go language: Read data from console or user
Go Language: Create a function
Go Language: Pass by Reference
Go language: Variadic Functions
Go language: Return a value from function
Go language: Anonymous functions
Go Language: Functions continued
Go Language: return Error from a function
Go Language: Structs
Go Language: Construct an object to a structure using &
Go language : struct literal notation
Go language: constructor functions
Go Language: Adding Methods to a struct
Go Language: Interfaces
Go Language: Importing multiple packages
Go language: defer the function execution
Go language: Pointers
Go language: Structure pointers
Go Language: Read content type from a url
Go language: Exit the program with given status code
Go Language: Goroutines
Go language: Convert string to byte array
Go language: Generate random uuid or string
Go language: Write a program to print lowercase alphabets
Go language: Sleep goroutine for some time
Go language: Repeat a string n times
Go Language: Concatenate strings
Go Language: Multi line strings
Go Language: Convert byte array to string
For-each loop in Go language
Go language: Convert integer to string
Go language: Find type of object
Go language: Read input from console
Go language: Print structure with field names
Install python on MAC OS
Python: Hello World program
Python interactive command line
Python: Operators
Arithmetic Operators in python
Relational Operators in python
Assignment operators in python
Logical Operators in python
Bitwise Operators in python
Membership operators in python
Identity operators in python
Python: Short circuit operators
Strings in python
Python: if condition
Python: while statement
Python: for statement
Python: break statement
Python: continue statement
Python: functions
Python: functions: return statement
Python: functions: Default Argument Values
Python: functions: Keyword arguments
Python lists
Python: list extend: append elements of given list
Python: insert: Insert an element at given position
Python: list remove: Remove an element
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