Learn to read in 5 weeks for FREE with reading eggs(kids aged 3-13)
Learn to read in 5 weeks for FREE with reading eggs(kids aged 3-13)

Learn to read in 5 weeks for FREE with reading eggs(kids aged 3-13)

Reading Eggs makes learning to read easy and fun for children aged 3–13 — and it really works!
Based on solid scientific research and designed by experienced educators, the programme turns learning to read into a series of fun games and activities that are highly motivating for young children.
Register today to claim 5 WEEKS FREE ACCESS to Reading Eggs before 30 September. Join more than 3.4 million users worldwide and see first-hand how your child's reading can improve in just five weeks!

- Over 91% of parents report a noticeable improvement within weeks.

-The programme makes learning phonics and essential reading skills fun.

-Includes 120 reading lessons, thousands of interactive activities, motivating rewards and fun songs.

- One-on-one lessons match your child's ability and progress at a comfortable pace.

- Detailed assessment reports show and recognise your child's progress.


I can already read, voted cold.

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hippy dave

I can already read, voted cold.

​well I guess that wasn't for u ...
if u will read again u will see it's to help kids age 3 to 13 not and I guess u r older than that (_;)
which makes me now doubt that you can read propely after all lol


kids need books to learn reading, not apps and devices

shame it's not for 2 years olds, I suppose I will have to wait till they are 3 until I try to get them to read

Grate deel!
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Heated, I've just started home educating my daughter whilst I appeal a full time school place and this is a brilliant resource. Just thought I'd add that there are maths activities on this too as part of the free access. I did the initial abilities tests with my daughter and the activities that have been recommended are spot on for her stage so I would definitely recommend this to anyone else considering it.


Not for 18+ ):

I've used this with my girl for over a year - well worth every penny!
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