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Peugeot 3008 SUV 1.5 BlueHDi 130 GT Line Premium 5Dr EAT8 lease 18 months - 12000 miles £6182.82 @ Lease shop
30/09/2018Expires on 30/09/2018Found 16th SepFound 16th Sep
If you can not rush to judge snd take a momdnt to judge the deal...not that its a lease or a Peugeot. Just ordered this for myself so thought I'd share. 8k miles pa. 18 month lea… Read more
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I haven't voted hot or cold, but would like to add that this isn't a price comparison site. Even if this is the cheapest deal for this car, some of the cold voters might still feel a better car can be had for the money.


You haven't cleared up any misconceptions, it sounds like you waste a lot of money.


Not really, check your insurance if you knowingly go above your milage stated your insurance is a) invalidated b) may involve you paying a high premium if you have a crash


Am i missing something? Description states 12000 miles but the deal shows only 8000.... Edit: Nevermind, I've figured out that you meant 12k over 18 months. It's a bit misleading though as lease mileage is usually stated per annum.


So find a better deal for it? Rate the deal once compared. Not the badge

Lease Citroen SpaceTourer M 1.6 BlueHDi 115 Feel 5Dr Manual [Start Stop] [8Seat] 24 month, 10,000 miles per annum - in stock - Term £6480.86 @ Lease Shop
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
I have been looking for a lease car and noticed this. It is not suitable for me but it looks like a good deal for someone looking for this type of vehicle. It won't set the world… Read more

Anyone know of a Grand C4 Picasso on offer? Must be auto for the wife to drive.




On the mileage, can I go over 10k in the first year as long as it is under 20k when I give it back?


Agreed re diy but it doesn’t have to be a dealer. We had one fitted by an independent to our vw with no issue. Most dealers don’t fit them anyway, they sub it out to a local specialist.


I did check that to see if the Peugeot or Toyota were cheaper. They were substatially dearer.

Peugeot 3008 SUV 1.6 THP 165 GT Line Premium 5Dr EAT6 [Start Stop] £10897 at
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Found a lease deal for a Peugeot 3008 SUV 1.6 THP 165 GT Line Premium 5Dr EAT6 [Start Stop] looks good to me, fully loaded SUV Could be my first lease but looking for some feedback… Read more
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​Mileage quite low but depends on your needs obviously. Try to go for a 3 month initial. Check out before you commit to this one.


I'm sure that for this specific model, the lease is competitively priced. To get good value in leasing, you need to choose models with special offers on, usually models due to be replaced.


Drove past Peugeot Oldham they have a 3008 for £299 down £299 a month not sure what spec though


Thought it was purchase price


11k to drive a Peugeot for 3 years that cant be a good deal

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Skoda Karoq 1.0 SE TECH, £186.50 1+23 8k  lease - £4476 + processing fee £298.80 - £4774.80 from Lease Shop
Found 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
Haven’t seen a better deal than this, a lot of car and a decent base spec with cruise control etc. 206pm for the 1.5l that think a 1.0l engine isn’t enough for town usage.. Jus… Read more
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Not too bad still. Might be the one I go for.


This was always 1+23 at £185 .. not 9 months?


£196 a month comes with 1 month initial payment rather than the original 9months. so overall it's actually a little cheaper.


price gone up now to £196 a month


I wish the prices on the 1.5 se l would start to drop.

DS DS 3 Hatchback 1.2 PureTech 82 Connected Chic 3dr - £146.39 per month, 24 month (3+23), 10k miles @ Lease Shop
Found 30th Nov 2017Found 30th Nov 2017
Posted a similar deal the other day but found this today... I'm thinking of getting, but has anyone used before? Can't find any online reviews apart from their own… Read more
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In fairness I can't think of any cars made from China.


Have any examples?


We are agreeing. I was just pointing out that with a few more realistic costs added, the benefits are magnified. I possibly was slightly unfortunate with that car, but it's been enough to swing me towards leasing twice since. You're right about getting a good deal. That's the whole aim. Leasing is so aggressively discounted at times that it can be a real bargain if you hunt round. Hence, we're on this site!


China car no good. No thanks I can buy better cars. end of story.


I'd agree I have been conservative in some areas. I think your example gives a comparison between a good and bad second hand car experience, which can only reinforce the point. Somewhere in the middle is probably the "average" experience, which in any event still proves the point. I do agree with Gavin above though - this all still depends on getting a good deal, whichever way you are going. Get a bad lease deal and the figures skew. The target should clearly be a lease that is not much above expected depreciation of the vehicle. Just to pick up a couple of specifics: - I didnt include tyres as they are a consumable item. In theory they should cost the exact same "per mile" whether on a lease or a second hand. I agree that on a second hand vehicle you are more likely to replace within 2 years for obvious reasons, but I would also say that if the tyres are worn then this should be factored into the purchase price - so in effect I agree with Gavin on this. - Breakdown recovery - good point. Obviously its a choice whether you get this or not but certainly another area to be factored in. - Repairs - probably a debatable point :) I would say you were very unfortunate to get those kind of costs in a 3 to 6 year old vehicle - I certainly wouldnt expect to be paying for a pump, absorbers and handbrake at that age, and probably even the battery. Brakes - a bit like my tyre point above I suppose. What you do make a very good point on though is that if you are buying a second hand car, you are much more likely to hit major service milestones with the costs that come with. Either way, we are certainly agreeing!! Gavin - I agree with you as well. Either way, it all comes down to the deal. Ironically, we have just bought a brand new car for the wife, not on a lease. This is because it was more cost effective to do so on that specific deal - and in fact, we managed to purchase for the same net price as it would have cost us for the second hand (2 year old) vehicle we had originally gone in to see(!) - a combination of my ruthless negotiating and some particular incentives on that vehicle. My issue is people who rule out a lease just because its "a lease" - its so short sighted and misinformed. Its another option that often (and indeed in my experience more often than not) is the best value way to drive a car. But because people are skewed with this sense of "ownership", they cant see past that.

Skoda Octavia Hatchback 2.0 TSI 245 vRS 5dr £226.90 a month with £226.90 initial rental 24 months + £298.80 processing fee £5,744.40 @ lease shop
Found 29th Oct 2017Found 29th Oct 2017
I posted an Octavia vRS deal a couple of days ago. But I think this one may be better! Contract term 24 months Rental profile 1 + 23 Annual mileage 8000 Processing fee £298.80 Fin… Read more

Delivered today :D


Used NVS instead.


How did you find the Lease Shop were? Everything seem alright?


Should be getting mine in 6-7 weeks.


My mileage allowance is 30k over the 36 months. I am currently at 26,600 with 5 weeks to go until my early termination, so I'll be well under my pro-rated mileage allowance. Servicing is every 12 months/10k miles if I'm not mistaken.

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Really Cheap Mercedes deal 10000 mileage - 24months - £238.80 incl VAT monthly rental - £2149.20 incl VAT initial rental £298.80 - £7940.40 @ Lease shop
Found 12th Sep 2017Found 12th Sep 2017
Just come across this Mercedes deal looks like a great offer for what car it is.
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It is really simple to figure out if leasing is for you. Some people like to make it sound like a big deal. Those people generally have their own axe to grind.


You mentioned 'comparing both scenarios. To do so, you'd need to know how much an owned car would cost in the future to work out whether a PCH is viable.


Hell of a lot to consider. Thanks for your insight!


I never mentioned the gap value? Did I? Lol


If it was a fake Rolex then you should have retained it and reported it....

Peugeot 108 Hatchback 1.0 Active 5dr at Leaseshop £1867 for 12 months Personal Lease
Found 12th Apr 2017Found 12th Apr 2017
Peugeot 108 Hatchback 1.0 Active 5 door Leaseshop 12 months Personal Contract Hire Rental profile: 9 + 11 Annual mileage: 10000 £79.25 x 11 months. Initial Rental: 713.25 … Read more

This is now on 1+11 £132 per month, £1593.36 over 12 months.


Rubbish. If you're leasing, there's a fair wear and tear policy they follow. Things such as minor scratches and minor dents that are under a certain measurement are classed as fair wear and tear, you get the booklet when you lease the car. Insurance wise, you may need to add gap insurance, but most decent insurers have this included for new cars.


I will never forget the drivers seat coming loose on my 206 while driving on the motorway and it was only 3 months old.


For something like this you are better buying a 6 month old one. And paying it off over 3 years. Payments will be less. And have something to show for it. Not against leasing but in the lower end of market it isn't worth it imo


I went to a dealer leasing Peugeot car on their Peugeot Passport scheme . He said I need to take more insurance to cover what my normal insurance would not cover. Otherwise when returning the car , Peugeot will charge big penalty for minor scratches etc which are inevitable from daily use over a year. Also big penalties for exceeding mileage. So be careful