Leather Boots, grey. £5.00 plus £3.95 delivery @ Everything 5 pounds

Leather Boots, grey. £5.00 plus £3.95 delivery @ Everything 5 pounds

Found 3rd Feb
Ok probably not the best quality, but we've had shoes from here before and for the money we've had no complaints. Many sizes with the larger sizes having higher stock levels. Many other shoes as well, men, women and children's. All £5.00.
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I bought some plimsole type trainers from this site, which we're a brand name, but they were impossible to put on, unless you took the laces out first then relaced them while on your feet.

I bought some smart shoes from them and they cut my ankles to smitherines. Brings back memories from when you had to wear shoes in !

Their smart shirts are good value for money, with a choice of neck sizes, instead of this s, m, l, xl, xxll rubbish.
I've had a mixed bag with e5p shoes - their trainers are a bit "cardboardy" (in that you can feel it in the lining when you walk) and the rubber soles are thin, almost hollow, and get holes in them after a month or two, but for a fiver, and for one summer you can't really complain.

These Mens' Shoes were well received by boyf last summer everything5pounds.com/en/…445 (Wingtip style, not leather, though).

I had the resident FB cheerleader for the company haranguing me when I asked if the shoes were EU size or UK size as EU43 was stated as being Mens' UK 10..(and then she deleted her comments when I pointed out Ladies' EU to UK size charts and Mens' EU to UK size charts differ slightly!). They turned up in box with just an EU size on it, and in the shoes, so my hunch was correct, luckily. Their size conversations can be a bit "off" with their EU shoes.

Commented on it here hotukdeals.com/com…724

So, hopefully these won't be Euro shoes that you have to size up.
angelhaseyes37 m ago

http://www.britishwalker.com/original-playboy-original-high-cut-c-25_37.html similar colour, €187

Similar sole maybe, but different shoes 33193477-G2Mr8.jpg33193477-NNWWr.jpgThough it does say "BRITISH COLLECTION" on them as well, so who knows. The logo is a bit naff to be honest, but that's just my opinion.
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iloveacomputer1 h, 35 m ago

Made by British Walkers, worth …Made by British Walkers, worth £65http://www.britishwalker.com/british-collection-mens-playboy-chukka-boot-wine-leather-p-50.html

Didn't spot that, here's a better picture from that website:33194418-FdELB.jpg
I got wellies from here. They were great. For someone who had two right feet...
louiselouise4 h, 34 m ago

Didn't spot that, here's a better picture from that website:[Image]

Good grief, these look like surplus stock from East Germany, circa 1979!
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