Unfortunately, this deal has expired 1 May 2023.
Posted 1 April 2023

Lebara 10GB 5G Data - Unltd min /text 100 Int Mins / EU Roaming - £1.49 monthly for 3 months (£6.99 after) No contract @ Lebara

£1.49£6.9979% off
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One month contract so can cancel anytime
100 international minutes

Lebara More details at
Lebara has currently Get 50% off for 3 months, the referrer gets up to £50 campaign, if you want to use it you can do so from this .
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  1. Android786's avatar
    6 months deals no longer a thing it seems
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    If you look at the sheet under 10, 12, 15, & 20gb you will see a few at 6 months from Lyca & Lebara, although not as many as we would like.
  2. westonleslie's avatar
    I’m on the London Underground with a lebara sim. And it has auto connected to Vodafone Wi-Fi - it’s never worked for me before!?
    Original_Username_20's avatar
    Vodafone came out of the free Virgin Media Undergroud Wi-Fi a while back, but the Wi-Fi changed to a new provider on March 31st and Vodafone seem to have quietly come back onboard.
  3. queenied's avatar
    Stupid question and I know it says free roaming, but as someone who hasn't been abroad in about 2 decades and might be doing so later this year I'd like to double check... I'm good for making/receiving all calls/texts and using the data within the plan limits for free with these guys, right? (edited)
    blake4100's avatar
    yes, but make sure to change your APN settings to uk.lebara.mobi
  4. iEimis's avatar
    Better price initially but if you need a little bit more data uSwitch offers 15GB with 100 intl minutes, free roaming and unltd texts and calls for £6.95 per month, £2.78 for the first 3 months.
    Ricky650's avatar
    £7.95 21 gig for £3.18 for 3mrhs
  5. dfunked's avatar
    Probably worth mentioning that they still don't seem to have sorted the WiFi calling issues out with Pixel phones. Google are saying it's a carrier issue and Lebara are saying it's a Google issue.
  6. Ricky650's avatar
    I have a sim on the 6p 3gig deal with 4 weeks left
    If order a new sim now, will they take payment straight away or only when I put the sim in my phone and use it please? That way I can hold onto it for a few weeks.
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    You will be charged for Month 1 on purchase, but you can hold the sim for a max of 90 prior to activating. After the 90 days the contract you signed to is lost, and you are on standard tariff. So it might be better to activate earlier than you need, to save money.
  7. trotter100's avatar
    What network do they use?
    blake4100's avatar
  8. AMAZING101's avatar
    anyone managed to port to O2 and back? Struggling to get a PAC code from O2?
    blake4100's avatar
    why are you struggling?
    did you send text PAC to 65075
  9. pipboy142's avatar
    Is it possible to get this as an existing customer?
    Saeed's avatar
    You have to move to different network and then move back to lebara again .
  10. tml1972's avatar
    Get used to EDGE and GPRS signals. The worst network ever 😳
  11. Midge's avatar
    There's a spreadsheet

    Man I am so outta touch!
  12. bigtone1943's avatar
    Had mine ater 2 days
  13. jacksterJDM's avatar
    Was with these guys for six months. Had to switch to another provider as kept dropping data coverage when out and about (edited)
  14. Icosphere's avatar
    Signal for calls & data is very poor in my area and this is worse than my previous network.
  15. anonymouse0's avatar
    still waiting for my SIM from 2 months ago
    Darkraiser's avatar
    Royal mail probably using it to read their reviews
  16. mutley1's avatar
    lebara has moved to 3 months discount offer instead of 6 months to stop the free loaders. don't blame them to be honest.
    anthony69's avatar
    Well they allowed 4 signups per account, so you could blame them and said they shot themselves in the foot.
  17. Brutes's avatar
    Still on a 12GB/1p offer, ending June. Hope they come up with a similar deal.
    blake4100's avatar
    mine finish begining of May, did you activated later than 3 months
  18. shug119's avatar
    Does EU roaming include Switzerland?
    iEimis's avatar
    Unfortunately does not seem to.
  19. elbuttano's avatar
    If moving out of Lebara and then back again, do you need a new account with new email address or can you keep using the same account you set up the first time round?
    mutley1's avatar
    others have said you can have up to 4 sim on one account but i would create a new email and set a new account up to keep it simple. then there is no confusion.
  20. tariq.muhammad's avatar
    Any other deals with Lebara??
  21. freddy040510's avatar
    It's 99p for 15gb for 6 months?
  22. shug119's avatar
    Can you cancel after 1 month ?
    humorleung's avatar
    yep just turn off autorenew
  23. user072022's avatar
    mse deals are bettter and cheaper posted here on HUKD
  24. alanjr_uk's avatar
    Personally I'd be wary of Lebara. I've been with them for a few months and have recurring issues with slow data speeds, incoming calls intermittently not working (despite full signal) and of course no WiFi Calling on Pixel devices. The pricing is amazing but it's been a pretty frustrating experience and their customer service team are sadly no help at all, just recurrently providing the same boilerplate 'resolutions'.
    yacoboy's avatar
    That sounds like a capacity issue with your local mast
  25. kos1c's avatar
    Thanks I went with the uSwitch for 21gb at £3.18, as I'm driving through France and Spain in 2 weeks time. Don't want to pay £2/day with Vodafone just to have access to Google maps.
    shug119's avatar
    Can you not just use Google offline maps. Download before you go.
  26. mishutz84's avatar
    Will moving to Vodafone and back get you wifi calling?
  27. AMAZING101's avatar
    Anyone know what pay as you go networks you can port in and out of without topping up. I had to top up with o2 last time which made the whole thing pointless. 
    user072022's avatar
  28. AMAZING101's avatar
    The port to asda is taking days 
's avatar