Unfortunately, this deal has expired 2 September 2022.
Posted 9 August 2022

Lebara 12GB 5G data, unlimited minutes / texts, 100 international minutes + EU roaming - now 1p/month for 6 months (£6.90 after) @ Lebara

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12GB 5G Data
Unlimited UK minutes
Unlimited UK texts

100 International mins to 41 countries:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, United States

No Contract, Change/ Cancel anytime
No Credit Check
Free roaming in the EU & India
Runs on Vodafone network

General Terms & Conditions
Lebara More details at

Community Updates
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Hit Buy Now to get this price (it will revert to this price at Checkout).

According to the thread:

This Deal is till the 1st September 2022.

You can have a maximum of 4 of these SIMs per account (using the same email address + debit card).

YES, you can cancel your current Lebara SIM and change to this one (easiest way is on Live Chat). More details here

To switch your existing Lebara number: port out and back again (Asda PAYG SIM is recommended, as it's free to request a PAC code).
Discussed here hotukdeals.com/com…976 (and other places!)

Up to 90 days to activate your SIM (though some say Lebara told them 30 days!)

Your next 1p payment is taken 30 days after your activate your SIM.

If you go over 12GB data - data stops working till your renewal date, everything else works as normal (some are ordering extra 1p a month SIMs to get round this).
usenetz (thanks) also says (about going over the 12GB data allowance): here
Thanks also to usenetz: here

It's not a direct debit, it's recurring card (or Paypal) payments. No credit check.

You can cancel this 1p a month SIM any time (alternatively, turn off auto-renewal after 6 months. Log into your account, disable auto renew. Seems you can only do this on the website, not the app! App links below).

Lebara don't appear to offer e-SIMs.

They send out a 3 in 1 SIM so all sizes are covered (eg, yes, it will fit an iPhone).

Lebara are rolling out Wi-Fi Calling and 4G Calling (thanks bellainthecity) ispreview.co.uk/ind…tml - mentioned here
(Re the additional comment below: Some have previous versions of Android and Wi-Fi calling is working, eg Android 10 EMUI / Huawei Mate 20 Pro, see here)

If you have issues with slower data when you put in your new Lebara SIM, reset network settings.

Android: If you're having internet problems, try this APN (thanks to keefly) - here or this one, here

For anyone having bad download speeds, disabling 5G may be an option, see here (thanks to YerDaSellsAvon_)

Lebara's Adult Content Blocker is set on as default, you can turn it off here - or ask on Live Chat (thanks, keefly)

About the Auto-renew setting (only visible on a desktop browser, not the app), thanks Mooney_70, here

What's the difference between the Lyca 1p Deal and the Lebara 1p Deal?
Answers here - apparently Lyca don't have Wi-Fi Calling, here

**(Another edit, 11th August: Seems Lebara are refunding those who bought this 12GB SIM-Only plan for 99p - which puts them on this 1p deal! - see here

Do I have to pay for EU roaming?
No. You can use all of your plan allowances in the EU for no extra cost (except the Unlimited data plan which can use up to 30GB). For more details click here

The MyLebara app (iOS or Android):mobile.lebara.com/gb/…ara
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LEBARA chat just told me WiFi and VoLTE calling is only likely to work on Android version 12 or higher. Which is not good for those on older phones....
Edit. Which explains why it's not working on my SGN9 on Android 10, but is on wife's iphone X running latest update...
Edited by sajidtg, 9 August 2022
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  1. Gavin_hartin's avatar
    For those of you wanting to use the same (but modified gmail account) as well as adding a full stop in the email name you can also add a + and a word before the@ part of your email address in gmail.

    i did this and i think adding a word is good as it helps to keep track of what the email is used for so for example what i did in this case is added +lebara

    so if my existing email looked like:

    my modified one looked like

    the email still comes through to your primary email account but now you have a visual way to know what it relates to. In gmail you can also set up a rule so that emails with + and a word go into their own specific folder in gmail
    darren_hooker's avatar
    Cheers mate!
  2. edde's avatar
    If it helps anyone to decide between the the Lebara and Lyca 1p/month for 6 month deals.

    I was having trouble so thought I would order both Lebara and Lyca SIMs to compare the signal strength where I will use them and also any other factors that came up.

    I have also been following both threads on here to get an idea what others are thinking.

    Primarily it will depend on your own circumstances, usage and signal strength where you plan to use it.

    For me the signal strength was about the same so I had to look for other reasons to choose between them.

    For me personally I think Lebara edges it so I have ported my main number to them and will use the Lyca one as a backup (as my mobile is dual SIM) - I have also ordered Lebara SIMs for the rest of the family now.

    The things that influenced me are:

    1. The initial set up of the Lebara SIM was easier/more straight forward
    2. The Lebara App appears to be better
    3. I have now ordered a total of 4 SIMs for family members and have got them all registed under 1 account in the App
    4. Lebara states that it has Wifi calling but Lyca does not - however, some users seem to be reporting having diffculty using it on their particular phone/Android version
    5. Lebara states it has free roaming in 41 countries and Lyca 31 (not that I will test this out much)
    6. I also believe that Lebara gives you all 12GB data when roaming but Lyca gives 3.5GB (but this is subject to confirmation)
    7. From user comments in the threads it appears that Lebara are providing better customer service than Lyca - but this is only anecdotal as I have no personal experience yet

    Hope this is of some help

    PS. as my mobile is dual SIM the reality is that I am now using the Lebara as my primary and Lyca as back-up giving me 24GB of data per month for 6 months for 12p. (edited)
    gizz_mo's avatar
    Just be logged into your account and then click the MSE link and it will let you purchase another from the same account but you have to do them one by one whilst already logged into your account.
  3. richardoc's avatar
    Got confirmation that all 99p purchasers will get the 1p deal and a refund of the difference47990904-eXA3K.jpg
    aLV426's avatar
    I was told the following on my £1.35 SIMs I ordered on the 5th!

    Okay, so you do not have too cancel the Sim card as we will be making changes on this deal with the offer for 1p for first six months.
    You will receive refund of 7-14 working days for the difference
  4. gasc2188's avatar
    Can this be capped so not to incurr charges above 1p if you happen to go over your 12gb limit. Looking at the website, it can only be capped at £10. Bought this for the data for my 8 year old. She can certainly rack up her data use, and could breach the 12gb limit. Would rather it just stop when she's used her data.
    usenetz's avatar
    It’s a pre-pay account so as long as you don’t top-up the credit they won’t be able to go over the 12GB.

    1. Leave auto-renew set to ON so the 1p bundle gets renewed each month.
    2. Leave auto-topup set to OFF so your 8 year old won’t be able to bankrupt you.

  5. emmatthew's avatar
    Just for those who ordered but may not yet have activated and thinking it’s too late.
    I ordered on 11th August and activated today the 14th November so out of the 90 day activation period and it’s registered as 1p per month until next May.
    My existing contract ends in a couple of weeks (Black Friday deal from last year) so I should be ok for the next 6 months now.

    CharlieBrown's avatar
    Just activated mine and runs to the 16th May 2023 - thanks for the info.
  6. Boabyb's avatar
    Just activated a 1p Sim I ordered on 9th Aug and it's showing the deal as valid on the account, that's almost 6 months after ordering if anyone is still sitting on a sim and hasn't activated yet.
    steve252's avatar
    Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer takes a car for a test drive...
  7. Brutes's avatar
    Activated this just now. Meaning the offer can still be used.
    49165453-NaTkD.jpg (edited)
    L411's avatar
    Did you port your number? If so how long did it take?
  8. AL1S0N's avatar
    How can I buy more than one SIM, surely I can only be a new customer once?
    Boabyb's avatar
    Log into your Lebara account first on your web browser, then click on this deal and it will load up while you're logged in. You can then order on the same account and use the existing payment method as well.
  9. keefly's avatar
    Just a heads up - Lebara's rather vicious Adult Content Blocker is set on as default, you can turn it off here:


    But if it fails (which it often seems to) use their chat service & they'll do it for you very quickly
    BigStart's avatar
    Best keep it, adult content is not good for you at all
  10. susanalbumparty's avatar
    Ordered on last day of deal - 31st August. I activated the 1p deal fine tonight, 89 days after ordering
    mickael28's avatar
    I love reading this kind of planning and organised plans.

    My wife needs to do something within the same week and most likely is that she'll miss it because somehow she forgot about it.

    Well done there
  11. skiiyt's avatar
    Bought 2 sims end of last month and just activated one of them. In the app it's showing up as the '£6.90 MSE' plan but I've gotten an email saying I'll be charged £6.90 at the end of the month rather than 1p, and whenever I try to check my auto-renew, it asks me to buy a bundle. Anyone know why it's like this?
    keefly's avatar
    Check your account in a web browser instead, it's rather clearer there.

  12. Hotlipz's avatar
    When do I need to cancel to not pay £6.90?

    Says something about cancelling before 6pm today if I don't want another month. Should I cancel after 6pm today if it ends in February? (Or do it next month?)

    I'm confused! Thanks

    Mooney_70's avatar
    I take it you've had the plan for a few months like me. Mine reverts to full price around the same time. Just turn off auto renew a few days before the 12th February. Get your pac code and do the port out and port back in again if you still want to use Lebara on a new deal? I think the current Lebara deal for 12GB is £1.49 for 6 months via MSE. (edited)
  13. Ferris's avatar
    Just activated another SIM on the day my first activated 6 months expires, so I should get roughly a year of flawless service for 12p (I activated the first one on 1st September 22, and the 1p offer on this one expires on August 25th, so not quite a year!)

    Incredible deal, this. I still have another to try in August, just in case it carries on...
    Ferris's avatar
    Alas, none of the remaining SIMs pick up the original bundle 12 months on Maybe a step too far...

    I did recently activate a Lyca SIM almost exactly 7 months after ordering, however. I always thought Lyca were stricter than Lebara, but the stated activation deadlines for both are clearly quite random.
  14. KamalinO's avatar
    How much is it for each extra gb in Lebara in case the 12gb data end?
    sajidtg's avatar
    If u are in doubt- why don't u buy two sim
    It's only gonna cost 6p
    U can either have dual sim phone and put both sim inside
    Or carry one in wallet with you.
  15. innocent's avatar
    Useful information.
  16. deleted2146578's avatar
    Got an additional 5GB data for first month for porting my number in. Happy days and thanks OP.
  17. saif1a's avatar
    19140022931661049765.jpgWhat is this all about for the 12GB plan? Shows free data 4.8GB. Very confusing layout. (edited)
    Thar's avatar

    Replying to

    You'd get another 12GB on the second. Your first has 17GB in total.
  18. mjb1975's avatar
    After my first SIM was overcharged two weeks ago (they refunded the difference without issue), I asked them to confirm that my second SIM was showing the correct 1p/month offer which they confirmed. Come today and my second SIM has, inevitably, been charged £6.90. Argh! Back onto live chat tonight and they pretty much immediately refunded as soon as I typed my first message! Again, I asked them to ensure that my SIMs are showing correctly to avoid this waste of time each month but I don't hold out much hope tbh.

    One of my SIMs is in my tablet and that'll just get cancelled but I can't wait to PAC away on the other!
  19. grahamfromoldham's avatar
    The slowest Internet known to man. I did a broadband speed test using my dual sim phone today, one with my Vodafone Sim and retested with my Lebara sim.
    The results are shocking, around just 10% of the download and upload speed of Vodafone.
    Needless to say I've cancelled my Lebara.
    john306's avatar
    Daughter had the same problem.
    She was going to cancel.
    I did a quick Google and 1 check was to reset network settings.
    Perfect download speeds now.
  20. Index's avatar
    Monday: Ported out from Lebera to Asda

    Tuesday: waiting for Lebera to send Asda my number etc and information

    Wednesday: By 9am I was able to port out back to Lebera from Asda and activate my Lebera sim card

    Thursday: Got my number back with Lebera at 2pm ish today and got the free 5GB data at around 4pm today.

    Total amount of days is 4. (edited)
    sausagepot's avatar
    Is this the new Craig David banger?
  21. Stuart_Adam's avatar
    Just activated today works fine
    humorleung's avatar
    when did you buy the sim?
  22. Magicman47's avatar
    It says no contract but a friend says they will charge you the full 12 months if you decide to cancel. Can anyone confirm for me if this is true, thanks
    jprasad06's avatar
    nope. you can cancel it anytime. There will be an option like this on your mylebara account when you login on their website. But remember, if you turn it off before 6 months, you will not be able to get the 1p plan again. So make sure you turn it off at the end of 6 months x 1p

  23. YerDaSellsAvon_'s avatar
    For those getting this and finding the download speeds pretty bad I found a possible fix that worked for me anyway. If you have a 5g capable phone you may need to disable 5g by going to settings and making it auto connect to 4g/3g/2g automatically rather than 5g/4g/3g/2g. Im guessing that 5g in my area is very poor and hence gave really poor speeds. Wasn't a massive upgrade but none the less it was an improvement. (edited)
    louiselouise's avatar
    Added to Additional Info, thank you.
  24. mike557's avatar
    Be aware this is NOT 6 months at 1p / month, it is 180 days at 1p / 30 days - so putting the sim in today (12/8/22) means 7/2/23 renewal at £6.90.
    Put an entry in your diaries if you do not want to get caught for the earlier than (perhaps) expected £6.90 renewal.
    mike557's avatar

    Replying to

    A month in Lebara language means 30 days so 6 months is 180 days.
    Also "1p for first six months" means 1p per 30days, so 6p over 180 days.
  25. Opz91's avatar
    What an amazing deal. Sim arrived last week but I have only just activated it, as I wanted to use up all my data with my old provider, first.

    Anyway, activation was smooth and I have started the port process which should be done in a couple of days.

    Now onto the speed, I havent had a problem, Im actually impressed. Ive been watching youtube, netflix, live sports and many more things, all on the go, no problem whatsoever. I am VERY tempted to order some more sim cards, because you are allowed a maximum of four.
  26. patcho's avatar
    Anyone elses data rolled over? Mine seems to have, I've got 23Gb now (edited)
    WhoDey's avatar
    ...even Int minutes rolled over too

    48227200-sO142.jpg (edited)
  27. uscool's avatar
    My data seems to have rolled over wasn't expecting that and no mention on website about they do roll over , impressed with Lebara
  28. wellhellothere's avatar
    Just activated my sim that I ordered on the 1st August, works fine.
  29. uk_s4ver's avatar

    If anybody has this answer - so I'm trying to understand what happens once I've used my data / call allowances abroad.

    Do I move onto some standard tariff and get charged or will data / calls just stop working.
    benf90's avatar

    Replying to

    Think of Lebara as a hybrid sim, you have your monthly allowance and then if you use that up it switches to pay as you go. You have a pay as you go balance that you can top up to use for text/mins/data and/or buy bundles in addition to your monthly allowance.

    So, if your PAYG balance is zero and you use your data then yes it cuts off.

    Auto renew is the allowance side, you don't need to turn it off. As per other posts if you turn it off you will lose the deal.

    Auto topup if the PAYG side. It is off by default and unless you manually topup or manually turn on the auto topup feature your PAYG balance will remain at £0.

    From Lebara:
    Roaming outside of Europe & India
    With Lebara you are always in control of your spends whilst using your mobile in the UK or abroad. If you are travelling outside of the UK and India, you will need to have Pay As You Go allowance and you will be charged as per the table below. As a security measure to avoid excessive roaming charges, we will cap your data usage to £42 whilst in Roaming. You can remove this limit by getting in touch with our customer services team here.
  30. slee_'s avatar
    Just been on support chat, no need to cancel and reorder, 'apparently' it will automatically change for those who bought the 99p deal.

    Not sure how legit that will be.47989822-Ovvnw.jpg
    Matthew_HarrisY2J's avatar
    Thanks for sharing this
  31. benlabi's avatar
    On ee for both phone and Apple Watch. Want to transfer both over and use same number. Shouldn’t be an issue should there?
  32. vixmony's avatar
    I'm planning on porting my main sim to lebara. What are they like when it comes to moving sim to them and also moving away from them?
    GimmeCashback's avatar
    Done this several times now to take advantage of Lebara introductory offers.

    The only issue is your old number won't work for a few hours on the day the port takes place.
  33. madcap's avatar
    Ordered to use on holiday. Thanks OP
    GlitchFace's avatar
    Remember to activate in UK first, I read it might not activate abroad
  34. kit-cat's avatar
    Thanks for all the info added. How do you cancel before the 6 month renewal date?
    uscool's avatar

    Replying to

    Disable it once they taken the last 1p for 6th month
  35. richrahaman's avatar
    Never swapped from Vodafone, so can someone explain how you swap but keep the same number? I've ordered the new sim already. Also I called my current provider and they said it had to be done through Lebara. Would appreciate some advice. Thanks
    davidw59's avatar
    From the voda SIM text PAC to 65075. They may ask you to confirm date of birth, but will then send your PAC by return text. Once the Lebara sim is activated, go to their porting in page and give them your Lebara number, PAC and Vodafone number. Choose your porting date and submit. Easy (edited)
  36. maka1874's avatar
    Could anyone tell me if I join this offer, can I activate the sim 3 months later? Thank yo
    Index's avatar
    According to CS live chat you can. Others might say 30 days, but who knows at this rate. 47998014-nmXuu.jpg
  37. iDealYou's avatar
    If I buy it now & then activate 90 days later, the charges start on the activation date?
    smartbuddy's avatar
    First charge is immediate when you buy, next charge will be 30 days of your actual activation.
  38. AlChksHotUkDeals's avatar
    This is what Lebara Customer Service said about the whole deactivation (30/60/90 days) period. Just so that anyone that was banking on 90 days, pivot their plans accordingly ... be great if some more of us can corroborate this with screen grabs as below, for the benefit of the many like me planning on using(activating) the SIMs as late as possible, to bridge the gaps between contracts etc ... 48026618-nhE4f.jpg

    P.S. : - in case you find this valuable to update, for the benefit of the others asking the same query (edited)
    louiselouise's avatar
    This was the problem, unfortunately, it seemed Lebara was telling people contradictory numbers - and a HUKD member got an email telling them their SIM was about to expire after 90 days.

    However, it may be, as you say, that the HUKDer had already activated their SIM as it says "You have now not used your SIM for over 80 days and the SIM will expire in 10 days". hotukdeals.com/com…129

    can you clarify?
    48026696-BnltX.jpg (edited)
  39. tneyugn's avatar
    Have anyone tried to see if call-forwarding is allowed with this bundle?
    vbnmu's avatar
    Doesn't work mate, I've tested it.

    How can I turn on call forwarding?
    Unfortunately, Call Forwarding isn’t available at the moment. (edited)
  40. Searcher2's avatar
    Mine ported over from Sky no problem today. Had very little down time. Chose Lebara over Lyca as Lebara had WiFi calling only. It doesn't work for me though .. and now I have seen in the comments that it doesn't work on Android versions older than Android 12. It worked fine on Sky and assumed it would work on Lebara based on their website info "If you are moving to us from a network where these features were already enabled on your phone, then Wifi and 4G Calling will automatically be available as soon as your number is ported to Lebara.". So their statement isn't actually true in my case

    I didn't realise it was something Lebara controlled. I doubt they will sort it for older versions in future.

    On the plus side my.mum said the call quality was better than before... Not sure why that would be but happy with that. (edited)
    zel69's avatar
    I'm on Android 10(EMUI10-Mate 20 pro) and WiFi calling is an option and working. It might show up after a few days. (edited)
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