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Lebara 12GB 5G data, unlimited minutes / texts, 100 international minutes + EU roaming - now 1p/month for 6 months (£6.90 after) @ Lebara

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According to the thread:

This Deal is till the 1st September 2022.

You can have a maximum of 4 of these SIMs per account (using the same email address + debit card).

YES, you can cancel your current Lebara SIM and change to this one (easiest way is on Live Chat). More details here

To switch your existing Lebara number: port out and back again (Asda PAYG SIM is recommended, as it's free to request a PAC code).
Discussed here hotukdeals.com/com…976 (and other places!)

Up to 90 days to activate your SIM (though some say Lebara told them 30 days!)

Your next 1p payment is taken 30 days after your activate your SIM.

If you go over 12GB data - data stops working till your renewal date, everything else works as normal (some are ordering extra 1p a month SIMs to get round this).
usenetz (thanks) also says (about going over the 12GB data allowance): here
Thanks also to usenetz: here

It's not a direct debit, it's recurring card (or Paypal) payments. No credit check.

You can cancel this 1p a month SIM any time (alternatively, turn off auto-renewal after 6 months. Log into your account, disable auto renew. Seems you can only do this on the website, not the app! App links below).

Lebara don't appear to offer e-SIMs.

They send out a 3 in 1 SIM so all sizes are covered (eg, yes, it will fit an iPhone).

Lebara are rolling out Wi-Fi Calling and 4G Calling (thanks bellainthecity) ispreview.co.uk/ind…tml - mentioned here
(Re the additional comment below: Some have previous versions of Android and Wi-Fi calling is working, eg Android 10 EMUI / Huawei Mate 20 Pro, see here)

If you have issues with slower data when you put in your new Lebara SIM, reset network settings.

Android: If you're having internet problems, try this APN (thanks to keefly) - here or this one, here

For anyone having bad download speeds, disabling 5G may be an option, see here (thanks to YerDaSellsAvon_)

Lebara's Adult Content Blocker is set on as default, you can turn it off here - or ask on Live Chat (thanks, keefly)

About the Auto-renew setting (only visible on a desktop browser, not the app), thanks Mooney_70, here

What's the difference between the Lyca 1p Deal and the Lebara 1p Deal?
Answers here - apparently Lyca don't have Wi-Fi Calling, here

**(Another edit, 11th August: Seems Lebara are refunding those who bought this 12GB SIM-Only plan for 99p - which puts them on this 1p deal! - see here

Do I have to pay for EU roaming?
No. You can use all of your plan allowances in the EU for no extra cost (except the Unlimited data plan which can use up to 30GB). For more details click here

The MyLebara app (iOS or Android):mobile.lebara.com/gb/…ara
LEBARA chat just told me WiFi and VoLTE calling is only likely to work on Android version 12 or higher. Which is not good for those on older phones....
Edit. Which explains why it's not working on my SGN9 on Android 10, but is on wife's iphone X running latest update...
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