Unfortunately, this deal has expired 3 January 2024.
Posted 3 November 2023

Lebara 15GB 5G Data - Unltd min / txt, Int Mins, EU Roaming - £1.99 for 3 months No contract + £12 Quidco / 20GB for £2.49pm

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15GB now available for £1.99
20GB for £2.49
15GB here
20GB here

Log into your Quidco account - do mobile compare / sim only compare and find this deal.Follow the link from there to make your purchase

Also £12 Cashback

Lebara More details at
Lebara has currently Get 50% off for 3 months, the referrer gets up to £50 campaign, if you want to use it you can do so from this .
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  1. azzap's avatar
    If I purchase this now, when is it activated from? My existing contract has another month on it.

    Also, is Lebara any better than Lyca? (edited)
    jamiew23's avatar
    51345453-MsB3q.jpgThis is from the Lebara support page, it’s 30 days.
  2. jimbo23's avatar
    Cashback is not guaranteed..
    mutley1's avatar
    i have heard comments that lebara never pays out on TCB so i wouldn't rely on the cashback from these guys.
  3. PaulC27's avatar
    Moved to Lebara 6 weeks ago and have been unable to receive any calls as they have totally cocked up my PAC transfer.

    support is non existent….

    buyer beware
    JRC1234's avatar
    You can call them up or online chat, a toddler can do that
  4. Loufrance's avatar
    Where’s the cashback? It’s not showing on my Quidco under lebara ?
    sajidtg's avatar
    Log into your Quidco account - do mobile compare / sim only compare and find this deal.Follow the link from there to make your purchase
  5. Lil6ix's avatar
    Im getting 3gb for a fiver from Lebara how can i rectify this (edited)
    KodaBear's avatar
    Port out and back in. There's a 3GB SIM for 99p a month for the first 6 months then £4.40 Thereafter right now. or 5GB for £1.99 for 6 months then £4.90 Thereafter.

    Some people are happy to go with Lyca. Others aren't. If you are open to moving to them instead they have 3GB for 99p a month for 3 months then £3.90 a month thereafter. Which will be cheaper in the long run if you don't want to keep porting out and back in.
  6. malky39's avatar
    Is there a data limit when roaming on these?
    challengedavid's avatar
    spent 3 months in europe, used my 15gb limit every month
  7. Stevemoger's avatar
    Can I switch my Lyca number to Lebara and avail this deal?
    sajidtg's avatar
  8. Dazza34's avatar
    I'm assuming this can be used as a data sim in a tablet?
    vornstar13's avatar
    I did that. It worked fine.
  9. deanoh11's avatar
    I'm waiting for the 6 month offers 🤞
    Eastldnjak's avatar
    You and me both 😏
  10. Sophiasky's avatar
    I'm sure that several months ago, somebody posted on here how to get another Lebara deal like this, if you were already an existing customer, but without having to port out and then back in again to Lebara (to get another deal for new customers only) - does anybody remember reading that post? Thank you.
    Kam-s's avatar
    No, but that would be handy
  11. anjali12's avatar
    We cannot reuse the same lebara for scheme right
    AngryCoffeeTable's avatar
    From what ive read on other Lebara deals. You have to port out to a different network then back in.
  12. plymouthgal's avatar
    I can't find the 20gb offer anywhere, can someone please give me a link?
    luv_a_deal's avatar
    There's a link in the main post
  13. thehappyhammer's avatar
    I'm on the 12GB MSE deal - I should pick one of these really but I never get near the 12GB in any given month (typically 1 - 2 GB). Great deal if you need more though - Vodafone has the best coverage where I live.
    martynhardacre's avatar
    Same here. I actually got in touch via chat to see if I could switch to this deal but they said it was new numbers only
  14. Limmy's avatar
    Anyone recommend a PAYG SIM for roaming? I'm going on a cruise and want to 100% avoid AT SEA charges which still apply even with a spend cap, I've been warned. Though PAYG would be the safest way to not get caught out by this.
    KodaBear's avatar
    Three's PAYG is probably your best bet. They have the largest selection of free countries to roam in that goes well beyond just the EU (which I suspect you will be outside the EU if you mention being at sea) You can use up to 12GB a month plus your minutes and texts while roaming in 71 countries.
  15. Proveright's avatar
    Thanks OP. Wish they would bring back the 6 Month offers.
  16. SteadyEddieGeorge's avatar
    The 20GB for £2.49 for 3 months then £7.99 used to be this deal...


    ...which was 20GB at £1.99 for 3 months then £7.99.

    How many Freddos could one have bought with those spare 150 pennies that are no more?
  17. BonzyBuddy's avatar
    Can you get this from top cash back
  18. sdm_1985's avatar
    Has Lyca turned on VOLTE?
  19. J_N's avatar
    Do these sims still work in India can’t see anything on the website anymore?
    Hello8362828's avatar
    Yes but very region dependent. We didn’t have signal at all in some places
  20. suzhayes's avatar
    Just be aware that they use Vodafone network which has a very poor signal in my area. That said the customer services were excellent and they sent me a months refund when I informed them that I had to go outside to use my phone as no signal indoors.
  21. Anon32's avatar
    I need three of these and TCB compare are paying £13. How do I buy them? Can be all separate emails as well for family members. Any ideas? Many thanks
  22. Weirdy's avatar
    I've just finished a 6 month deal with these and just gone back to Lyca (I switch between the 2 without any trouble so far, for a couple of years now) same Data and price and porting went fine even with both SIMs in the same phone.
    Last time with Lyca, it was with O2, so now seeing how the EE network is locally ? (edited)
  23. BargainsUnlimited's avatar
    Do they NOW support Wi-Fi Calling on Pixel phones?
  24. azzap's avatar
    Firstly, I’ve just ordered this via TCB, should I have purchased from Quidco?

    Once purchased, how long do we have to activate and does the 30 days start from activation? (edited)
  25. azzap's avatar
    Firstly, I’ve just ordered this via TCB, should I have purchased from Quidco?

    Once purchased how long do we have to activate and does the 30 days start from activation? 
    Trover's avatar
    I purchased through Quidco but it wasn’t tracked
  26. Proveright's avatar
    Thanks OP. I prefer the 6 Month deals. Just make sure it auto renews every Month, other wise if for any reason the money does not go through, you lose the deal.
    All deals that are new customer only just use a different email address. Name, address and payment details can remain the same.
  27. David_GWiU's avatar
    If I port out from lebara and then port back in to get this deal, does anyone know if I will need to set up a new account with a different email address or would I be able to use my existing one?
    KodaBear's avatar
    No you can use the same email address as long as you log in to that account before you follow the links from here to take the deal.
  28. Hutchyy's avatar
    £12 from Quidco or £13 from TCB
    Kam-s's avatar
    Doesn't matter, neither will track.
  29. GemLisa's avatar
    Just purchased two one for partner and myself. Have been an Lyca and customer service is so bad we have both been without use of our phones since Saturday. Logged...reply to say resolved and it hasn’t been. So instead of trying again I am just going to transfer over labera. Been with them before and they are the best
  30. A_PatelCP1's avatar
    Still I haven't received my SIM money already collected
  31. A_PatelCP1's avatar
    Where's my SIM money already collected from 14nov 23 and still I haven't received my SIM card.
  32. tikibeach's avatar
    I am currently on a USwitch Lebara deal…

    how do I change it to a different uSwitch Lebara deal?

    Thanks !!!
    martynhardacre's avatar
    You have to port out to a different and back in again unfortunately. I saw a better deal than the one I'm on and tried to switch view customer service but they said it was for new numbers only
  33. SurenK's avatar
    Done port out from LEBARA 3 months back.
    Can I port in to LEBARA again now ?
    If no, is there any specific time period I should complete before port in ?
    amz84uk's avatar
    You can port INTO Lebara from any other network, anytime!

    I had ported out of Lebara to LycaMobile (awful network), and have ported back into Lebara on Friday after less than 3 months; and loving their network coverage!
  34. pokemon2's avatar
    tcb is still pending for 5 weeks, i wonder will it pay out,
    squiby's avatar
    You will need to pay around 3 months of bills usually, same as cashback on insurance or any contract based purchase.
  35. Mayank0905's avatar
    any 6 months deal for lebara?
    amz84uk's avatar
    No, they remain very competitive at 3 months too.
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