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Posted 6 December 2022

Lebara 12GB data for - £1.49pm for first six months / 3GB data for 5p and 5GB data for 85p - Unltd min /text / EU roaming @ MSM / Lebara

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    That's almost 2 days of not having a phone?
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    I am going to miss my 12GB for 1p deal!
    You prepay the first month when you order it then they charge you the second one a month after the activation date not a month after your.order.
    If you order a SIM today you pay 1.49 you can wait to activate. Let's say you activate in February, you won't pay 1.49 every month until then. You activate in February, the first month is prepaid and they will charge you the second only in march. (edited)
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    I have a current Lebara sim , for my son, which I need to end and get this deal. Is it just a matter of turning auto-renewal off? we dont need to port the number and happy to get a new number with this deal
    Yeah just cancel auto renewal. It won’t take a payment on the next due date and the SIM will be incoming calls only for a few months before it’s ultimately deactivated.
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    Do Asda still let you get the pac code without topping up? I see suggestions of using three or lyca
    Very hit and miss these days. Best avoided. Most people aren’t getting a text reply to their PAC message unless they’ve topped up. And if you have had your number on Asda Mobile in the recent past already you’ve got to go via management to manually generate the code for you as their system can’t handle there being two accounts with the same phone number attached.

    Three is best if you don’t want to top up. Lyca if you’d rather pay 5p to be able to continue using your number for the couple of days that it’s with them. Both of the above seem to give you a PAC by text without hassle.
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    What's a working method for taking an offer up like this when you're already with Lebara?

    About to end on my previous 6 month offer.
    Order your new Lebara sim but don't activate. Just before your seventh month starts, port to another provider, e.g. Lyca, 3, Asda etc. Once your number ports out of Lebara, activate the new SIM. 24 hours after your number has moved to the new provider, request PAC from new provider and port the number back to the new Lebara sim.

    There are well documented guides to how to carry out this process on these Lebara Hot UK Deals threads.
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    Lebara mobile extended deal.....so no rush to buy.....2nd Feb showing on mse...not enough subs i guess or they waiting for the 1p ers to move.....12Gb £1.49 still good deal to move for on for 1p ers. (edited)
    that's annoying, just ordered a second one to use today to store for 3 months time, I could have left it!
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    Anonymous User
    Is there a way to get this deal and keep my number if I already have a Lebara sim?
    Has been mentioned on previous deals for this sim card that you can get a free asda sim, transfer your number to it and then transfer it again to lebabra sim.

    Look for on your provider app or ring up provider for your PAC Code.

    I only say the above because some networks charge to Transfer your number. Your network might not and you should be able to ask or get a hold of your PAC Code (edited)
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    Is it really EU roaming with data or just 100 International mins to 41 countries?? I checked the garb and no clear indication found
    It's EU roaming with data, whole allowance.

    Any calls within the EU eg if you're in France and call a local French number will come out of the 100 mins tho. Calls back to UK come out of the unlimited allowance.

    The 100 international mins can be used to call the 40 or so countries from the UK too. Nice little extra, very useful to call hotels and stuff from the UK if needed. (edited)
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    Existing customer old deal about to expire, says my email is already registered. Do I have to use an alternative. I thought you were allowed 4 sims on same account (edited)
    No. Just make sure you log in to your Lebara account BEFORE clicking get deal on here. It will then let you order up to 4 on one account.
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    Any good Lebara vs Lyca info out there?

    Both 5p for the first 6 months but Lyca have 1GB extra and 15p less after month 6. (edited)
    Lebara use Vodafone. Lyca use o2. Pick which network has the best signal in your area.

    Some people say Lyca customer service isn’t as good as Lebara. I personally disagree and found it to be the other way around, with Lyca support especially over Twitter being better than Lebara.

    Everyone has different experiences. I’d say you’re safe enough with either, and as above just choose whichever has the best signal where you live.

    (If you don’t know, check the RootMetrics map to find the top rated network for signal in your general area from independent testing)
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    i got 2 sim, which arrived this morning. i am waiting until next month to activate. is there a risk that i won't get the 5p for first 6 months if i wait until next month to activate, when this offer is no longer available?
    Nope you have 90 days from the order date to activate and still get the offer.
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    OK, I'm trying to opt for the 5p sim deal but when I enter my email address it states this email already has an account attached, please use another email address. I thought you could have up to 4 sims on same ema address so why do I need to create another email address?

    The account itself currently has no sim attached to it anyway. If I login and then try and add sim then these deals are not available that way.
    How can I use my old email address to pick up the 5p sim deal?
    Little bit of a cheat for you; just add a +1 after your email i.e. XXXXX+1@gmail.com and it will treat it like a new email, but send any info to your existing email address. You can also keep going with it, i.e. +2, +3 etc
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    Just thought I’d share my experience of double porting as I had never done it before.

    1. Ordered a sim from Three for PAYG
    2. Requested a PAC code from Lebara on Friday
    3. Gave PAC to three on same day around 3pm and they said it would port Monday
    4. Monday came and nothing happened until about 2pm when the lebara sim stopped working and the three sim picked up my number - happy days
    5. Waited 24 hours then requested PAC code from three on the Tuesday (had to call 333 to request from three handset as they require DOB if using text message and my sim wasn’t fully registered with details). All very easy. PAC code received a few minutes later
    6. Registered the PAC on lebara website around 4pm to move the number to my new lebara sim I activated in the morning
    7. Wednesday morning woke to an email from Lebara saying it was all complete. When I checked the lebara sim worked for outgoing calls but incoming went to the three sim. So had to wait a few more hours for it to all complete. Was fine by about 2pm

    So all in all a pretty decent process. You just need to have a couple of days where you know you won’t desperately need your phone

    I did order a Lyca sim to port to but decided to just keep that for another day. Seemed a waste of a 5p a month deal to just use it to port when three was completely free!

    Hope this helps someone
    Excellent information that is written well. Thanks. I have been trying to order the free three SIM but the form on their website states that my address cannot be found. Even though I am selecting my address from their drop-down menu. I am confused. I spoke with them over the phone and the CS person said they only deal with monthly contracts and I can try a different browser. I have tried other browsers including Chrome and Safari but I am getting the same error. Has anyone else been through something similar or knows why this is happening and can shed some light on this? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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    Got the unlimited sim for £12.50 got my sim today, 5g speed is 2.5mb compared to EE 100mb
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    If I’m already with them but on a different plan, is there a way to change to this plan but keep my number?
     Thanks so much for any help
    1. Order a new SIM
    2. Request a PAC code for your current number
    3. Port it to a free SIM like ASDA and wait for a complete transfers
    4. Ask for you new PAC code and transfer back to you new Lebara SIM.
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    Anyone use asda to port back and forth recently. Looks like they’re making it difficult now. Any other sims like that available cheers
    I always tell people to use Lyca to port in and out. Gets you a fully active SIM for 5p with mins/texts/data so you can stay connected for the couple of days your number is temporarily on their SIM.

    Asda are now trying to force you to top up and activate your SIM to get a PAC code now, and also claim their systems won’t allow it if you’ve already had your number with Asda and ported out from them in the last 270 days. Have to get it manually generated by management.
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    Don't talk to me about Evri - they 'delivered' an Amazon Fire Stick from QVC to me last week but by delivered I mean they just left it on my doorstep on a busy road, took a photo then it was gone when I got home from work. And their email specifically stated they would make three attempts to deliver it. Fuming!
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    I read that some people had problem having roaming abroad well I am abroad, in France and had some problems. It is actually easily fixed.

    In the UK the Vodafone and Lebara APN are both working, well abroad only the Lebara one allow you to connect to the internet so you might elect to change your APN to that one.l, more reliable.

    As soon as I switch my APN I was ready to go, glad I moved away from Three (they unilaterally updated my contract, doubled my monthly fee and took away my roaming on the top of it). So great to be with one of the rare one that still give EU roaming.
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    I'm on the 1p plan and have now turned off the auto-renewal, what happens to my number, does it stay active then because I've not making a chargeable action, it will deactivate after a couple of months? But I can still get calls into that number, right?
    You need to make a chargeable call every 90 days or your service is deactivated. When that happen, you lose your number.
    If you want to keep your number, you need to top up and use it. Or port over to somewhere like Lyca who have their own 5p for 6 months offer, or set up a super cheap contract like Vectone (EE) who have a £2.99 SIM Only forever which is 150 mins, 150 texts, and 1GB Data - If you don't want the hassle of keep moving around and chasing after the 1p and 5p deals. Final option is 1p mobile to top up and then just pay per minute or text at 1p per unit, but must do so once every 90 days.
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    If Lebara can manage to make profit, the others are all just ripping us off.
    It's called a "loss leader" - Lebara and co. work to get people in and shift huge volume with small margins and overheads. (edited)
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    The 1p deal in August for was a max of 4 if i remember correctly. Got my wee on it for her first phone and tried to persuade missus to change too but she wasn't having it. Was at my mums in the Scottish Islands a couple of weeks ago and after activating, it worked a treat as i'm with EE but her village only gets a decent Vodafone signal. Was a great back up sim in my phone for the week i was up there.

    I ordered end of August and was aware it needed activated before end of November as was told that you had 90 days/ 3months or it expired.

    It was in a Redmi Note 10 Pro by the way (edited)
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    Is it the same email address each time people are buying these deal? Or different ones
    Sign in to Lebara account first THEN click the button to get the deal. It will let you buy up to 4 on one account.
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    What happens after 12 months?
    Nothing. You just keep going at the standard price that kicked in from month 6 onwards. Lebara don't do annual price increases or anything since they're a pay as you go network.
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    Just ordered one of these to see what the Vodafone coverage is like here these days. It somehow went from great to terrible years back, but hoping it has improved so I can make use of Lebara!

    I assume that even though you pay for your first month when ordering, it doesn't actually start until the SIM is activated.
    Correct. And you have up to 90 days to do that.
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    Original Links at the top are working;
    Read the bit in green
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    Apologies if I’m being dense, but if I get one of the 3gb 5p SIM cards, does this mean I can use this abroad (in the EU) to make calls to the UK and use the data, and cancel after 6 months so that I don’t pay any more than 5p per month? I’m thinking this will be a good deal rather than paying £2 a day to my current provider. I have a spare phone I can use.
    You can cancel anytime just untick "auto renew"
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    I have a contract with Three which end on the 15th of this month, and I have just requested and got my PAC code from them. Should I still have to call them to cancel or my contract will be cancelled automatically once I use the PAC code? (edited)
    Using your PAC Code cancels your contract. You’ll get your final bill in the post a few weeks after you port out.
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    This is a great deal.. but what’s the catch?

    Can any one recommend?
    The catch is that you pay more after 6 months if you decide to stay or forget to cancel. And also that you’re going to get a much lower network priority than someone with Vodafone directly.

    It does work though. Quite well too.
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    Is there anyway to know when the offer expires (once the sim is live) other than remembering the date. I think I got one in August but cannot remember it could have been July or September
    I’ve just logged in on the website and it tells you on there. Mine says February 2023
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    Could someone please help me how to set the spending cap to zero? Thanks in advance
    By default the auto top up is set to zero meaning you won't spend more than your plan. To check you can go on your online account. Be careful to have just the auto-topup turned off and not the button to stop recurring your plan, if you prevent recurring your plan you loose your offer.

    49094075_1.jpg (edited)
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    So I checked and it is the Lyca sim which expires tonight (5th Jan), while the Lebara ones expire on the 12th at midnight. Seeing as we're already all doing this, I don't want to pay 5p unnecessarily since @KodaBear doesn't seem to be certain Lyca will refund it. Has anyone therefore had a successful porting-dance experience with a free Three sim?
    Loads of people have confirmed here that Three works with their free SIMs.

    I just suggested Lyca because for the sake of paying 5 pence it means you can use your phone to call, text and browse the web using your own phone number for the few days your number is on their SIM Card. If you go with Three’s free SIM you can’t do so without topping up.

    Lycamobile will not refund you your 5p as you’ll have used the bundle.
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    Link takes you to £1.49 for 6 months. Has the 5p, 85p deal ended?
    Use 3GB link in description or Google lebara MSE (edited)
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    How to find out when my current low cost offer plan runs out?
    Go to the MyLebara dashboard on the website.

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    If I’ve ported out to Lyca how soon after I’m all set up with Lyca can I sign back up to Lebara and port back in?
    24 hours to avoid problems
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    Still rocking my free sky SIM over here.
    Took out a Nokia 1.2 with untd calls/texts+100mb at £3pm for 2 years followed by 1 year at £2pm. contract recently ended now sim continues for free!

    Good for very very low usage and because you are lucky. Not a deal otherwise. For low usage I would go RWG using EE network, you pay 15 pounds for a SIM and then no more payement and they give you 750 mega per month 100 mins and texts.
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    How long do you have to activate these sims after purchasing. My contract don’t end till Jan 23
    people have activated up to 90 days later
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    @sajidtg the links are not working, can you check again please?
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    people wondering how can they offer it so cheap , well consumer data and access to your internet traffic makes it worth it . They will get 6 month worth of your data which they wouldn’t have got if the offer wasn’t in place .
    You'd need to prove that allegation. I'm either on home WiFi with the phone, or out listening to streaming and podcasts when actually using lebara data. Though there are some Ts & Cs when you sign up. Any other provider would do the same.
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    anyone know if asda still ok to do number transfer free?thanks
    I’d recommend getting the 5p SIM from Lyca as it’s got mins and texts included to keep you connected for the day or two your number is with them. ASDA have changed the policy so you have to activate your SIM with credit and make a chargeable call before you can port now. And if you have had your number with them any time in the last year you can’t port a second time without raising a complaint to management as their system get confused.


    If you don’t want to pay anything at all and are fine with not being able to call or text or for those couple of days a free SIM from Three will do the trick for porting in and out, in the same way that you used to do with Asda but without the need to top up.
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    Lebara offer
    49286319-SXVdR.jpgLebara offer had now been extended until 2 February, In regards to sim activation & reading previous messages on other threads You have up to 90 Days to activate from you SIM order date & others activated & still got the previous deals