LED 256 colour mood lamp £8.99 @ Home Bargains

LED 256 colour mood lamp £8.99 @ Home Bargains

Found 12th Dec 2012
I've had one of those Philips Micro mood lamps on my Amazon wish list for ages. As they are over £40, I haven't bothered buying one.

Imagine my delight when I went into Home Bargains, Greenmount, Halifax the other day and found a battery operated mood lamp that looks exactly the same as the Philips one. The brand name on these is "NiceDevice". I didn't expect much for the price, but it's excellent. You get around 4hrs from a full charge (done via USB) and there are two modes. One static colour (out of the 256) that you choose from a touch sensitive panel on top, or you can have it cycle through all the colours continuously.

This lamp will give you a nice glow in a room the size of a single bedroom. It's not bright enough to read with, unless you sit next to the lamp, but it's not really designed for that. If you just want a nice background glow in the room, it's perfect.

I like it so much, I've just been and bought another three this morning!

If you want to compare, it looks virtually identical and has the same features as the one linked below. The only real difference in appearance is that the Philips one has a circular colour selector compared to a straight panel on the one I have.:

I'm assuming this is national as it's Home Bargains? Sorry if that's not the case.
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Hot from me because I have bought 4 of them!
this should get nice and hot - off to HB later for a look.
hot !!
Going to buy this. Nice
Nice one. Will make a trip to my local branch tomorrow.
Not online, can't find the product on their site
typical no store near me
I saw these in Warrington the other day, are they any good?
Really good for a nightlight, atmosphere or SAD. Hot.
Could you do a video showing how good they are please? Might buy a few if they are any good.
Cracking deal, nearest unbranded equivalent is maplins at £20. Shame Home Bargains are only in select few places.
the phillips ones are reduced in comet for just under a tenner now.
Brilliant! Thanks

the phillips ones are reduced in comet for just under a tenner now.

Most shops are shut now though and all will be by Saturday night.

Review of a budget lamp that you can buy

here chinavasion.com/chi…ght

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Awesome deal, I picked up a phillips one, only a small one, last year in the Black Friday Amazon deals, it kicks out a good enough light but it won't light the entire living room, we just aim it at a wall for mood lighting.

Most shops are shut now though and all will be by Saturday night.

i believe around 150 have closed out of possible 250, so plenty more stores still open to get these from. went into Birmingham and Worcester ones and both have plenty of this stock left.
Can you just leave it plugged in via the usb and it still works?
Nice lamp. Hot
the philips mood lights are £9.99 at comet at the moment - provided your local store has any stock left.
there were plenty left in Comet, Festival Park, Stoke last night....
Awesome, I have been looking for something like this, think I will go buy a few
oh, another item I don't need or particularly want but tempted to buy!
I just poped to my local HB and bought one.
I think it is a steal for that price. Correct , there is not enough light for whole room, but it is cool for mood light. I got a phillips full size one Im using in the living room.

I just plugged this little thing into my PC usb socket and it started working straight away. I think Im gonna by another one and set them both behind my monitor to create cool ilumination.
There was plenty of them on the shelf.

I bought two today from Basildon store
Hmm, tempting....
Got about 15 left in the Govan store
Which aisle are they on in the shop?
Anyone know where you can buy these online? (UK not china)

Which aisle are they on in the shop?

My brother works in Home Bargains, his answer is "Wherever the **** you can jam them in"!
Manager of the Reading store had never heard of them.

Can you just leave it plugged in via the usb and it still works?

I've had mine running for several hours connected to USB and it's fine
Another crimbo pressie down , thanks op
Andi Keane

Another crimbo pressie down , thanks op

You're welcome
I bought one today for some reason. It's really cute and works really well. I think I'll buy a couple more as presents. Cheers OP!
There's 8 on the shelf at the Stevenage store.

Which aisle are they on in the shop?

Strangely, they're part of a range of men's gifts, so they're with other gadgety gimmicky, things like multi tool key chains, table top football, golfing accessories etc.

I bought one for myself, and two others for presents,

Bargain at this price!
Got one from the farm worth store (near Bolton) this afternoon was mixed in with the Xmas gifts section after I was just about to give up and leave the store.
Quite a cool little device for the money. I've been looking at the Philips ones for about a year but didnt want to spend that much, picked up one in Rhyl tonight and it's already been posted here. From what I can see there's no difference between this and the Philips, and the usb charging cable rather than a powerpack is a major plus imo. As mentioned above it doesn't output much light but I can see enough potential uses to warrant picking up another three this weekend.
Got mine wedged between the wall and the back of my iMac pointing up plugged into a spare usb port and looks great. Ive got a decent size room and emits just enough light to see. The missus also approved and says it looks great and wants one. Said i got the last one but little does she know. Good little pressie
Thanks to the OP. I picked up a couple of these today for prezzies. I've wanted a Philips one but from the reviews these are pretty good. Looking forward to using one.
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