LED 3-Color Changing Lights Shower Head by Temperature  £2.99 @ B&M

LED 3-Color Changing Lights Shower Head by Temperature £2.99 @ B&M

Found 21st Aug 2010
Hi first time post here,just been to my local bmstore i was not really looking for a shower head.But seen this @ £2.99 from £5.99 so i brought one, its a really a nice effect lighting simply to instal does not require batteries .Look at this link to see what thay go for ..


Environmental protecting design,uses water current as energy source , saved money for replace batteries.
No need to turn on any other light at night when bathing in your bathroom when you own it.
This Temperature sensitive LED shower provides a visual indication of water temperature. When water flows down, the LED will light instantly and automatically.
Water flow: approx 2.5 gallons per minute.
Material: Chrome coated ABS.
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Just a word of warning here - you need very high water pressure, The motor inside the head, that generates the electricity, is powered by the mains water passing through the head. In my case - this resulted in zero flow.
Otherwise, a brilliant gadget, I really like boys toys.
nope not true ive got a combi boiler ,my shower works of my bathroom mixer taps, any one with a fitted shower can ues this,1.5 bar pressure
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If you all ready got a shower, then just change the shower head to this, this will work with all

Installing Showers - water pressure and flow are the key to a good shower
In today's fast moving world, especially in the city, a shower is on nearly everyone's shopping list as a must-have in order to remain hygienic while keeping to our tough schedules. For Victoria Plumb a proper, powerful shower is an absolute necessity, although we have to admit that it's not the same as a nice, long, hot bath.

Shower Performance
For a conventional shower fed by an indirect water system to work satisfactorily, the cold water storage tank should be at least 900mm (3ft) above the shower head. If your shower performance is poor, you can increase the water pressure by either raising the storage tank or installing a pump.

Manual Shower Mixers

Manual shower mixers are simple to work and relatively easy to install, either over an existing bath , or in a separate shower enclosure. They must be independently supplied with hot and cold water. The single lever controls both the temperature and flow of the water. Ceramic disc mixers operate more smoothly and are less. prone to hard-water scaling. Like most mixer showers, manual mixers can be surface mounted (onto the wall face) with chromed pipework showing, or flush-fitted with the pipework and working parts of the mixer concealed within the wall, if it is a stud partition.

Thermostatic Mixers
Thermostatic mixers 1 are basically the same as manual mixers except that they have an in-built safety device to prevent scalding or freezing, if there is a change in the flow rate. Whether it's the cold or the hot water flow rate that drops, the mixer will automatically compensate, by reducing the flow rate on the opposite side. This effectively prevents an accident if somebody turns on a tap elsewhere in the house or flushes the toilet, or if a programmed washing machine, or dishwasher comes on.

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Which B & M was it im interested in one but never find anything in my local that is on here even though it is a huge store.
Cool! You can pretend you're having a shower at the disco.
Sorry i was in nuneaton store.This will work with all shower`s ,THATS IF YOU GOT A SHOWER LMAO
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Im haveing a shower in a bit, im going to trun lights of and see if i can still see

The Mole////////// Which B & M was it im interested in one but never find anything in my local that is on here even though it is a huge store...................................................................... thay should be in all bm STORES m8 just keep looking

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Cool! You can pretend you're having a shower at the disco.Hot.

Just dont be under the shower when it truns red m8 lol,52.c hot you be in A and E
Cheers i will head up to the huge Newcastle retail park store tomorrow in the hopes of bagging one.

Just looked at the shop web page, thats enough to scare me off! Where do they get there staff from the set of The Hills Have Eyes??? oO
As i thought none in the Newcastle store and the woman i spoke to said they have never stocked anything like that.

Though i did get 9 pocket packs of klenex ultra balm tissues for £1.29 usually 50p a pack at sainsburys and Boots.
Argh just seen thses on ebay for £5.04 i recommend any one with a shower to buy one,at its like a light show.With the bathroom light off
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