Led Bike Lights Set Front and Rear £1 @ Poundworld

Led Bike Lights Set Front and Rear £1 @ Poundworld

Found 19th Feb 2014
There are currently 3 sets being sold right now
1. Front and Rear light
2. Two Red Rear lights
3. Two White Front lights

all have steady and flashing function
would require batteries of course
I am currently using the ones from poundland
just happen to saw these..

very good deal I suppose cheaper than ebay china ones...
probably way better than nothing and cheaper than the bike reflectors they sell at halfords...
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Also.. not 100% on the waterproofing on these but with the rear bike light I have in poundland I have always wrapped it with pvc tape on the side just to be sure never had a drop of water inside...
Good deal and a great reminder of how far we've come from the bad old days of heavy & useless eveready lights!
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