LED Binary Watch White, Black or Red strap - £3.55 @ Bestofferbuy

LED Binary Watch White, Black or Red strap - £3.55 @ Bestofferbuy

Found 4th Dec 2010
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Product Description
◦Water resist LED watch Displays time using binary representation
◦Leather band and stainless steel back can show time and date, and it can automatic show time every a quarter-hour.
◦Wristband Lengh : 235 mm
◦Watch shell size : 43*35 mm
◦Strap width : 22 mm
◦Weight :50 g
◦How to show time : Press the upper or the lower buttons,it will show the current time. "H"LED will light,and it indicates hours. "M"LED will light,and it indicates minutes. "AM"LED indicates am and "PM"LED indicates pm. Press the upper button again and it will show the date,"H"and"M"LED will not light. "AM"LED and "PM"LED will light.
◦Please set the watch following the instruction manual included.



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why cold guys?!


Will probably get colder now 'cos you queried it.

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Is this touch-screen buttons too?

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nope, two buttons on the side.......
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