Led floor lights/decking lights £5 instore @ B&M

Led floor lights/decking lights £5 instore @ B&M

LocalFound 3rd May
Led floor lights for indoor/outdoor use
Ip65 waterproof
Stainless steel
Perfect for decking or kitchen
Easy assembly just clicks together
IV been looking around for a couple of weeks
Now because I have seen this on here before
But all stock was gone .
So as a off chance today I had a look
In b&m in POOLE
and there were around 15 sets on the shelf so I asked a member of staff how long have they been therr
And to my surprise the member of staff said
We have just re-stocked them .
I grabbed two set so others have a chance so if you make the trip I try to be helpful 😁
They are in the 5th aisle where you will found the vacuums and TV leads usb leads etc lol they are at the end of that aisle closes to the exit of the store bottom shelf .
So fellow hotuk members I do hope this helps
And happy hunting ...
This item is not in b&m online at all ...
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Any pictures....of the "Stereo systems'?

Battery operated ?
Ever ready = Never working.
In case you didn't know already, everedy is B&M's own brand. They buy the cheapest, most horrible stuff from some Chinese sweatshop that they can get their hands on and have it packaged in Eveready packaging to try and fool people into thinking it is a long established brand instead of wung hung low.
Lmao I'm guessing your one of those people who buy named headache tablets lol and it's the same thing lmao
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