Led floor/decking lights - £1 instore @ B&M (Poole)

Led floor/decking lights - £1 instore @ B&M (Poole)

LocalFound 16th May 2018
Led floor lights for indoor/outdoor use
Ip65 waterproof
Stainless steel
Perfect for decking or kitchen
Easy assembly just clicks together
IV been looking around for a couple of weeks
Now because I have seen this on here before
But all stock was gone .
In b&m in POOLE
and there were around 10 sets on the shelf ..
This item is not in b&m online at all ...
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33810629-Zcxnz.jpgJust thought I would show proof lol
How are they powered? Battery or mains?
bern676 m ago

How are they powered? Battery or mains?

Mains. I got these when they were reduced to £5. They look great in my kitchen. £1 is a steal but can’t see there being loads of stock left as they were popular at £5.
I got a set earlier, they're excellent.
Good deal but its not 5p off a tin of beans or a check your emails deals so lets hope it gets the heat it deserves.
Edited by: "waterloo" 16th May 2018
They don't make batteries like they used to.
will be a needle in a haystack deal to be honest,
I found one there this morning. Unless staff had them then someone got up earlier than me. I assume they were in the normal electrical aisle? Good find thanks
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