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LED Light Bulbs Starting from £0.30 (Links in description) + Free Click & Collect in Selected Stores @ Argos

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LED light bulbs starting from £0.30 from Argos. Lots of different types. Adding some examples ,but there are plenty more to choose from. Plenty of stock at the time of posting.
Argos Home 4W LED ST64 BC Teardrop Light Bulb916/2097


Argos Home 4W LED G80 BC Small Globe Light Bulb896/5219


Argos Home 4W LED GU10 Light Bulb - 2 Pack 889/3941


Argos Home 5W LED Mini Globe BC Light Bulb - 2 Pack922/5893


Argos Home 3W LED BC Frosted Candle Light Bulb - 2 Pack933/9480

7W LED Standard Filament BC Light Bulb - 2 Pack880/7212

Argos Home 7W LED R63 ES Spotlight Light Bulb920/1264

Argos Home 4W LED GU10 Light Bulb - 2 Pack895/7791

Argos Home 10W LED R80 ES Spotlight Light Bulb919/6609

Argos Home 5W LED BC Frosted Candle Light Bulb - 2 Pack930/9984

Argos Home 7W LED Filament Standard ES Light Bulb - 2 Pack853/1131

Argos Home 5W LED Mini Globe ES Light Bulb - 2 Pack 930/3650

Argos Home 4W LED BC Candle Light Bulb - 2 Pack918/8844

Argos Home 7W LED Standard Filament BC Light Bulb - 2 Pack880/7212

Argos Home 4W LED G120 ES Globe Light Bulb916/3474

Argos Home 3W LED GU10 Light Bulb - 2 Pack888/5667

Argos Home 5W LED BC Light Bulb - 2 Pack887/4915
Argos More details at Argos

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    Can LED bulbs straight replace incandescent bulbs in a light fitting, or does something need changing first?
    Yes, for ordinary bulbs.
    But if you have a dimmer switch that is controlling the lights then :
    1. you need to buy dimmable bulbs.(The description must include the word 'dimmable'.)
    2. you really need to know whether your dimmer switch will work with LED bulbs, otherwise the bulbs might flicker.
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    I can only assume they are being sold off at this price because they have a high failure rate.

    Failure of LED bulbs is common where manufacturers have over-driven them to favour brightness over lifespan. This causes them to be bright but run very hot and as a result the LED chips age quickly, then fail. If you drop the brightness on such bulbs by 75% they'll use half the power, run cooler and last 15 years instead of 3-5.

    Edit: you can massively improve lifespan of the white bulbs just by drilling a hole in the tip and the side of the white diffuser plastic. This creates airflow and lowers chip temperature by around 5*C. Removing the diffuser completely lowers temperature by 10*C (edited)
    I've never come across an LED bulb 'running hot'. You can touch them.
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    These are all cheap because they use the pre-2022 energy efficiency ratings. As technology gets better and better, the ratings get changed to ensure we can still compare things.

    Eg, the product 8807212 ones are rated at 1055 lumens for 7W, ~150l/W. That got you an A++ before. Now it's a D.

    You can get modern A-rated bulbs. The Philips Ultra Efficient range kick out much more light for the power, and run cooler so probably for much longer, but they also cost £7 a bulb. You're probably not going to beat the economy of £0.50/pair of this deal. (edited)
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    Thanks OP. Most of the stock appears to be sold out now.

    If your LED bulb fails, don't throw it away. Pull/prise the plastic cap off. You will see the different LEDs around in a circle. Usually the one that's failed is obvious (black). Scratch it out with an object like a screwdriver. Then either solder or glue tin foil across where burned out LED was. Replace cap, plug back in and turn on, volia, it should work again..

    PS I wish Argos had a filter to only show in stock, and get rid of out of stock! (edited)
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    Haven't bought from Argos for a while. Can you no longer reserve items and pay when you go to collect? It wants me to pay and then collect.

    Absolute bargains by the way. Got some fancy ones from Sainsburys heavily reduced before Christmas but these are even cheaper! (edited)
    Yeah it won't let you just reserve anymore
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    Bought some dimmable spot lights to replace the ones I bought from Amazon which are useless and turn into disco strobe lights when dimmed. It is not in my local Argos so it will be a day out of walking but that's cool for 90p.

    Thanks OP.
    You may know more than me regarding the electrical side of things but when I have had issues in the past, it was not the light bulbs, I needed a new dimmer switch suitable for LEDs (I got a Varilight JQP401W V-Pro - though there is a 1.5 second delay when you push the switch before it comes on).

    Thought I'd mention just in case you didn't know and ended up having the same issue with these bulbs (edited)
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    Mostly gone now. I'm a bit wary of Argos clearances, as the reported stock levels often don't match up to reality and cause wasted trips.
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    what’s the usual price for those oversized orange bulbs i wonder?

    i’ve recently moved and bought some lovely copper light shades from b&m and these bulbs go perfectly with them
    £10 + i would say
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    Brilliant deal.... Shame no e14 fitting at these prices!
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    These Argos deal suck, there are NEVER any for collection OR delivery in Devon or Cornwall?
    Might be a good time to move to a better part of the country.
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    Great deals! Strange how they're practically giving them away, but I'll make the most of these bargains!
    Yeah I got some same prices from in-store Sainsbury's last week but didn't think Argos would go down that cheap. Can't go wrong to stock up a bit.
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    In last ten years I had 3 led bulbs burnt out : one in bathroom, above kitchen and inside the fridge. I can't get why people want to stuck it up. For grandchildren perhaps?
    Must be for their mansions!
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    Thanks grabbed some bulbs for the bathroom spot lights to update them to LED along with spares at this price.
    Do you have a link to the ones you’ve purchased?
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    Excellent deal, many thanks

    Don't think stock will last long, though
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    Thanks for the post OP. Just ordered a pack of bulbs(y)
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    20 x GU 10 bulbs for £4, great find thank you
    I can’t see the link for this ? 
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    Incredible deal. Stocked up. Thanks so much.
  18. Avatar
    Excellent find OP!
  19. Avatar
    Thanks. Ordered a few bargains to collect later.
  20. Avatar
    Thanks op about 40 bulbs purchased
    More bulbs than a Dutch flower shop lol!
  21. Avatar
    thanks only got gu10 flat spotlights all over the house so ordered like 10 2 packs to cover me for foreseeable future. Not bad for 4 quid
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    Really brilliant got loads for all the family many thanks I appreciate you posting
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    Was hoping to get some r63 bulbs all oos on argos, but went to my local sainsburys and they were the same price in store, cleared the shelves out.
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    We need Big Clive here to hack these!
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    Convienient the clearance stock is never in your local. on one item the closest was 32 miles away. i swear they do these so called clearances as clickbait to get to their site as I'm sure they get ad revenue.
    Picked up alot of bulbs from this deal so wasnt click bait for me.
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    Surely it can't be that difficult for Argos to add a filter to exclude OOS items? I don't see benefit to them in forcing me to see pages of irrelevant items that I'm unable to purchase!
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    Just because there isn't any stock in your local at 9pm doesn't mean there hasn't been any-you are just too late to the party. Most likely someone has cleared all the stock around 9am.
    Nevertheless,it seems that a lot of people did manage to get hold of at least some cheapy bulbs to make their homes more energy efficient so the post has served it's purpose. (edited)
    yeah I got hold of one 40p for two GU10's at the local one, and ordered a few at another local one to be delivered Saturday unless they cancel my order.
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    Remember, if you have any glass shades/shadeless pendants you obviously need the bulbs all to match in size/shape etc so might actually end up replacing all 3 in a set of 3 pendants even if just one bulb goes and you don't have the exact bulb spare!

    As someone else mentioned, don't stock up too much...... I got my new kitchen done 4 years ago and not had a single led bulb go (and I've got 10 bulbs in the kitchen that are on and off all day)

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    Whenever I use the 'tell me where' option to find where there is stock, the Utoxeter branch always seems to be fully loaded. What's going on in Utoxeter?
    Now that you mention it. I’ve had exactly the same experience.

    Utoxeter. Twinned with Argos and sponsored by HOTUKDEALS.
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    Release the geese!
    Welcome to the party 10 hours after it started. No booze left.
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    Absolute bargain!! Thankyou. Ordered a load for the new light fittings I’ve recently put up
  32. Avatar
    Thanks Honey, got 10 for £2 for the kitchen as just ran out of spares
  33. Avatar
    Cheers op. Stocked up p
  34. Avatar
    Stocked up! 32 bulbs for less than £25 👌
  35. Avatar
    Thanks , ordered some spare ones
  36. Avatar
    Cracking deal! Loads of stock here in Stranraer….it’s the end of the earth though
  37. Avatar
  38. Avatar
    Nice one OP, appreciate the deal
  39. Avatar
    Cheers OP bought a few, it would be rude not to at those prices
  40. Avatar
    Who just stole all my bulbs from Meadowhall?