Led Zeppelin I ; II and IV (Remastered) CD's only £3.99 each + Free Delivery @ Play.com
Led Zeppelin I ; II and IV (Remastered) CD's only £3.99 each + Free Delivery @ Play.com

Led Zeppelin I ; II and IV (Remastered) CD's only £3.99 each + Free Delivery @ Play.com

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Led Zeppelin I (Remastered)
Rising from the ashes of his old band the Yardbirds, session guitarist Jimmy Page formed Led Zeppelin, one of the most powerful, influential, and enduring British bands to emerge in the '60s. Despite the presence of such classic thrash-o-ramas as "Good Times Bad Times" and "Communication Breakdown", what set Led Zeppelin apart was the depth and range of their music. Their sound was bathed in the blues, from rootsy covers of Willie Dixon's "You Shook Me" and "I Can't Quit You Baby", to the crunching rhythm changes of "Dazed And Confused".
Few guitarists before or since possessed Page's sense of pacing and dynamics, as exemplified by the traditional acoustic folk elements framing the arena gestures on "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You", and the raga-flavoured acoustic mystery of "Black Mountain Side". These elements would continue to evolve on subsequent albums, leading to some of Led Zeppelin's greatest moments.
Track List
Good Times Bad Times
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
You Shook Me
Dazed And Confused
Your Time Is Gonna Come
Black Mountain Side
Communication Breakdown
I Can't Quit You Baby
How Many More Times

Led Zeppelin II (Remastered)
From the first grinding notes of the famous vamp that introduces "Whole Lotta Love", LED ZEPPELIN II announces for all to hear that they are the definitive hard rock band of their generation. But before the listener can even settle into the groove, things takes a hard left turn into a spacey new rhythm, exotically flavoured by Page's droning feedback and innovative use of a violin bow. By tune's end, Zeppelin has repeatedly toyed with the listener's expectations.
This subversive quality distinguishes most of the arrangements on LED ZEPPELIN II, as in the soft/hard dynamic shifts of "What Is And What Should Never Be", the gospelish mood of "Thank You", the rocking vamps and funk rhythms of "Heartbreaker" and "Living Loving Maid", and the country music echoes of "Ramble On". And in their appropriations of source materials from Howlin' Wolf, Robert Johnson, and Sonny Boy Williamson, Page and company continued to mine the rich vein of the blues.
Track List
Whole lotta love
What is and what should never be
Lemon song
Thank you
Livin' lovin' maid (she's just a woman)
Ramble on
Moby dick
Bring it on home

Led Zeppelin IV (Remastered)
Led Zeppelin's epochal fourth album finds both the band's blues-rock thunder and their gentler, more lyrical side filed down to a razor-sharp point. "Black Dog" and "Rock and Roll" aren't just perennial air-guitar anthems
they're the ultimate distillation of the blues-inflected, hard-rock fury the band had already been perfecting for the past three years. Robert Plant's Little Richard-on-amphetamines wail rides perfectly atop the band's strategically directed crunch for maximum impact. "When the Levee Breaks"is a titanic take on the blues, with John Bonham's thunderous drums echoing through the subsequent decades. The folkier, acoustic tracks provide welcome moments of beauty and respite, and all the elements of the band's sound come together in "Stairway to Heaven", a suite of shifting dynamics that would become the Eiffel Tower of classic-rock radio forevermore.
Track List
Black Dog
Rock 'n' Roll
Battle Of Evermore
Stairway To Heaven
Misty Mountain Hop
Four Sticks
Going To California
When The Levee Breaks



these cd`s should be in your collection if you love rock music.. buy them NOW

Smoking Hot

Got IV last year when it was £3.99

Never been that keen on I, and since I have Remasters, I have all I really need from II.

Still, best prices around.

I, II and IV are £3.98 at Amazon. For some reason III is £4.98. It seems that I and II are the remastered editions.

You have to pay P&P if your total order is under £5.

Stairway to Heaven is the greatest rock song!


Stairway to Heaven is the greatest rock song!

Yeah.... :roll:


Voted hot but I had thought the master tapes to Led Zeppelin I had been lost

no the best albums av heard likes


Original Poster mod


no the best albums av heard likes


I got them all already... great deal though, heat added.

no III???
still top tunes at a good price, i remember paying £14 + for iv way back when! ( early '90s i think )
i got em already, but still hot!

Original Poster mod

mister oddball;3891927

no III???still top tunes at a good price, i remember paying £14 + for iv … no III???still top tunes at a good price, i remember paying £14 + for iv way back when! ( early '90s i think )i got em already, but still hot!

III is somewhat more expensive (and not remastered if I remember):x

I still have the originals - on vinyl 8-)

Thats a good spot, cant go wrong with Led Zeppelin. Though surprisingly enough I already have them all.
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