Left 4 Dead 2 4 Pack £80.99 (works out £20.24 each) @ Steam
Left 4 Dead 2 4 Pack £80.99 (works out £20.24 each) @ Steam

Left 4 Dead 2 4 Pack £80.99 (works out £20.24 each) @ Steam

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This is for the PC version, sorry 360 fans!

If you have three trustworthy friends who also want the game, then one of you can preorder 4 copies through steam for £80.99 at the moment, which works out £20.24/£20.25 each.


A bit misleading to put price in as £20.24. You have to have 4 friends. Unfortunately being a sad net geek I don't....

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Well it sounds better than putting it at £80.99!

Yes it is true that the deal only really works if you have three friends who want it, but I expect most people could find three friends (be it real life or clan mates) who want L4D2 and there are other "deals" on this forum which are so store specific that they are near-impossible to actually find.

edit: plus I think the title explains the deal.

This is an amazing deal especially for my European pals. If you buy this game by yourself then it costs £26.99 for the UK and a massive 45 Euros for people in the rest of Europe. But if you take up this offer and someone in the UK buys it then UK players are paying £20.25 each and and any Euro players pay only EUR22 which is a saving of more than half price!!! 4 of us in my clan just bought it and it worked without a hitch. Obviously i would advise only doing this with people you trust.

anyone fancy a going in 4 way?
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