Left 4 Dead 2 Xbox 360 £15 Tesco Entertainment

Left 4 Dead 2 Xbox 360 £15 Tesco Entertainment



Super hot if you get it, shame I have a copy

Worth a go!


Have some heat!

Just ordered 2! One for me and One for an Xmas Present!

Nice one mate, just ordered a copy so fingers crossed.
Was gonna wait until Christmas for this but at that price how could I not buy it now

Fingers crossed that mine slips through the net as undoubtedly some people will get to greedy and order more than there fair share in an attempt to profiteer, this undoubtedly will set alarm bells ringing at the big T!


good spot - take a copy of the screenshot though incase they send you the original left4dead....

8% Quidco and clubcard points too.

i ordered jak and daxter for the psp last week for a misprice of £8.99 and had it delivered yesterday:thumbsup:so hopefully they will honour this too:) thanks op have some heat

This is an awesome find. Just ordered so fingers crossed they honour it!

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8% Quidco and clubcard points too.

didn't even think about quidco. good call!

Ordered 1. Thanks OP!

I went through Quidco, couldn't find the game on the site. But it this gets through, you can sell at CEX for £29.

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just had my confirmation through, should be posted within 24 hours.


Excellent, ordered.

My order is awaiting dispatch :thumbsup:

Hopes for confirmation...

Excellent find op!

I went through QuidCo and it's status is "Awaiting Dispatch".

Cracking Deal!

Money has been taken out my account :-D

Nice one. Ordered. Thanks

Brilliant find. Ordered (after spending 10 minutes on their ridiculous registration process).

Thanks to the OP. My son has this on his xmas list. Ordered awaiting dispatch.:thumbsup:


Money has been taken out my account :-D

Counts for nothing - a contract isn't fulfilled until they dispatch....

These misprices can be quite entertaining - waiting for the first person to say "I've just rung them to ask if its a misprice and they said "Thanks for the tip-off".......:)


"Just ordered 50 copies...hope they don't catch on......."

soon followed with

"got cancellation email"


"no way - they took the money from my CC they've got to honour it"

BTW I've ordered but I'm realistic about the chances of getting this - it was a good spot from the OP and they are right to post.

in b the i ordered 100 to sell on ebay brigade :thumbsup:

Will most likely be L4D 1 but as the page clearly shows #2, with a release of 20/11/09 they will get a hell of a fight over it.

Thanks OP - 100 copies ordered.


EDIT: Damn, beaten to it

I really hope they honour this, I've played the demo to death!

Ordered a copy, fingers crossed but I'm not holding out much hope....

Good spot from the op, have some rep....

gone for one, thanks

Cheers op.

Thanks :thumbsup: Fingers crossed it goes through!!! :whistling: Heat & Rep

Ordered 1 zillion!

cheers buddy. Fingers crossed:thumbsup:

Ordered 1. Great Find nonemoremannion! Many Thanks! :-)

ordered thank you !!! heat added

Has anyone had any experience in Tesco mispricing? Do they honour them most of time?

Ordered, hot hot hot. Thanks op heat and rep left. But god isn't the registration and checkout process painful! :thumbsup:


mega hot but this deal has had it if people order 100 each it will go out of stock quick and you will alert tesco head office its a misprice cancel your orders dont order above 5 of them hope this helps

being greedy will cost this deal you can still make profit on 5

heat added. a great find plus quidco and tesco clubcard!


Just ordered a copy. Thanks :thumbsup:
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