Left 4 Dead 2, Xbox 360 £17 instore @ Tesco

Left 4 Dead 2, Xbox 360 £17 instore @ Tesco

Found 29th Mar 2010Made hot 1st Apr 2010
This is my first post so sorry if someone has already posted!

Was just in my local Tesco store (Sheerness) and spotted this and is the cheapest i have seen it new anywhere.

Ive added tags so this deal can now be found.
- chrisvenn


Anyone confirm this?

What formats was it available at this price?

£15 quid at game, was £9.99 online (PC that is)

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Sorry i said it was my post!

Xbox 360.



Its a dupe post & now removed

Wow . I just sold my copy for 21.50 only 2 days ago!

I bought this from Tesco for £17 a couple of days ago and also got an extra 250 Club Card points :-)

just bought one from wadebridge tescos cornwall and got 250 bonus clubcard points for being a top ten game bargain thanks op :thumbsup:

Gonna keep an eye out for this tonight. Heat from me

Grabbed the last one in Trent Vale Tesco, none in stock in Longton or Meir.

Got this tonight in Swansea. Plus the 250 extra clubcard points :thumbsup:

there are a few copies in Charley (non in Leland), they are marked at £39.99 but scan at £17

im have to find this, i need this game for this price!

Confirmed in the South Queensferry store. Picked it up last night. Rep to the OP

Hi. Can anyone confirm if there are any left at the Cumbernauld Tesco ?

Picked up the last copy at the Liverpool Street Tesco. Goooood stuff!

If none of your friends have this can you still play co-op with other people on live ?

This is still available, picked it up in Telford today. Cheapest around by miles at £17, plus the 250 extra clubcard points (worth £2.50) are a bonus!

I can confirm this


Which store was that in ?

That was in trowbridge store so along way from you down in the southwest

They still had at least one copy left in Sheffield Infirmary Road branch.

£17 with 250 clubcard points is a real bargain. I use them in resaurants so they get a 4x multiplier, £10 of vouchers!!

The offer is still about if you're lucky to see stock.

Just picked up a copy from the Tesco in Yate, Bristol.

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