Left 4 Dead 2 - Xbox 360 - £29.94 @ RENCHI

Left 4 Dead 2 - Xbox 360 - £29.94 @ RENCHI

Found 25th Nov 2009
Just looking through for this game and it seems rather cheap for a new release! Its from the US i think and costs $50 but with the current conversion rates that comes out at £29.94 (or there about)

The delivery seems to be free and doesnt take that long to get here considering the distance it travels.

I couldnt find anything else about left for dead on this site, im sure theres some deals out there but i couldnt find them


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whats up with this deal, please dont be hiding in the shadows cold voting...

I haven't voted this one way or the other but there is a potential for import duty.

will probably incur import duty

import duty maybe plus they wont accept these as trade in

Why would you want to pay £30 for a foreign game when you could pay £5 for a uk pal version with the ability to trade it in at the game shops and have a better resale value.

Also buying for £35 should get it to you a lot quicker.

Haven't voted but can understand the cold votes
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