Left 4 Dead (PC) @Gamestation for £10.98
Left 4 Dead (PC) @Gamestation for £10.98

Left 4 Dead (PC) @Gamestation for £10.98

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You don't need the GOTY edition... as you will still need to download the latest updates from Steam to play, so just get the cheaper version here.

Game Description:

Kill Zombies and survive. Nuff said.

PS made by a small group that presented the game to Valve. Gabe was impressed and hired them. xD


Game Description:
Left 4 Dead is the latest release from Valve...


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Is this getting cold because of the description? :s
I'll take it out then.... but try finding L4D for less than that. :whistling:


Could be cos the GOTY edition only costs a bit more ]LINK

Yes, but as said in the description, there's no difference on the PC between the two versions because Steam downloads the latest updates anyway.

The non-GOTY edition is exactly the same as the GOTY version (except it'll automatically download slightly more updates (if that, they might not even have bothered updating the install disks)).

Game of the Year Edition ContentThe Left 4 Dead (Game of the Year … Game of the Year Edition ContentThe Left 4 Dead (Game of the Year Edition) simply bundles together the original game with the Survival Pack downloadable content (DLC) that was released last month. Survival Pack added Versus campaigns to the Dead Air and Death Toll campaigns and a new gameplay mode called Survival. The thing is, the Survival Pack is available for free on Steam, and you automatically download it as an update when you log onto Steam. So if you already own Left 4 Dead, you've already got the Survival Pack installed or you'll automatically get it for free the next time you log onto Steam, which you have to do to play the game. This Game of the Year Edition is basically aimed at those who haven't bought the game yet, and it lets Valve plaster the box with the many accolades that the game earned.

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