Leg of lamb £4kg £4.00 Sainsburys

Leg of lamb £4kg £4.00 Sainsburys

Found 26th Dec 2016
was in my local sainsbury's and the legs of New Zealand lamb has been reduced from £7kg down to £4kg , a steal at this price.

Selected stores


Yes nationwide!

Loos like a saddle

I read it as a 4 kg joint for £4 thought that is cheap, then I re-read it and realised it says £4 a kg still a good price heat added.

£4/Kg you must be pulling my leg, this is a baaahmy deal if you're not trying to pull the wool over my eyes

No, Its a wild Goose chase, Still £7 at west london

I don't like supermarkets.

Heat from me lamb leg is tastey.

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No, Its a wild Goose chase, Still £7 at west london

​they are still advertised at £7 but they have reduced labels on them

British Lamb or from NZ?


British Lamb or from NZ?

Brexit Lamb directly from Nigel Farage's garage.


Loos like a saddle

No it doesn't

Beckton Sainsbury's still has it at £7 per kilo, I just got back, had to get one as the wife wanted it. definitely not reduced there yet.

Showing £4 too online.

as a vegetarian i find this post and the images within extremely offensive and will be reporting accordingly.

A13 why look at the item then if you're a veggie doesn't make sense

confirmed £4 KG at Gloucester Barnwood Sainsburys. Mixed pile some listed at £4 KG and others at £7 KG but the £4KG are marked with a red and white promotion label "Half Prices was £8 KG now £4 KG"
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