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£75 Amazon Gift Card for taking out Legal & General Life Insurance (minimum £6 a month) - eligible for gift card 3 months after start date + 30 days for delivery
Found 6th Nov 2017Found 6th Nov 2017
L&G are offering a £75 Amazon gift card or £75 M&S e-gift card for taking out a life insurance policy online, minimum premiums are £6 a month. Reading the terms you wi… Read more
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I ended up ringing them and demanding my voucher as I had paid 6 months worth of payments .once I got it I cancelled my life insurance.


Then they'll more than likely keep sending you more letters


What if we just ig What if we just ignore the letter?


ok ring up and cancel , thank you for your help frozencake


Just ring up and cancel with L&G, you have no legal obligation to pay the overdue balance

1 year free parent Life Insurance worth £15000 for Parents @ Legal & General
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
Legal and General offering 1 year free parent Life Insurance cover up to £15k Must not have cover with them already within the last 5 years and you must be named on birth cert Chil… Read more

Just applied for this, thanks for the post. Looks like Aviva are offering the same deal:


If you die your offspring would get 15k, the premium would be considerably less. Couldn't spot any sarcasm, so hope this helps.


It costs £15k a year for life insurance if you're a parent?! But they are giving it away free?! Hot, I guess.

£75 free M&S vouchers when you take out life cover online @ Legal & General
Found 23rd Nov 2015Found 23rd Nov 2015
Just need 4 months of cover @ £6/ month to get the M&S vouchers.
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There was a 3 or 4 month period where the terms stated one switch incentive per account (not per person as with other banks). So it meant you potentially could have opened several accounts and got several £150 switch incentives per person. They soon closed that loophole.


Tell me more....... I (we) switched to Yorkshire Bank and made £300. The kids are too young to sign up, and I'm pretty sure you can only switch to YB or Clydesdale once, so I'm thinking we've maxed that one out. Have I missed something?


I assume you missed out on yorkshire bank's/clydesdale bank's multiple switch incentive game? Between the whole family we amassed lots and lots of debit cards.


Nah, I reckon most don't. Take the bank switching gravy train, for example. There's no shortage of folk telling how they've made £400/£500/£600 from switching 4 or 5 bank accounts. I (erm we) have made £1,300 in the last 8 months from 4 bank switches and 2 Shepherds Friendly ISA's (via topcashback).


Maybe we do but don't post it about on here. ;)

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Legal and General home insurance £100 M&S vouchers code
Found 13th Aug 2015Found 13th Aug 2015
Voucher code to get £100 M&S vouchers back on any purchase of essentials or extra buildings and content insurance from L&G as long as the policy starts before 31st October … Read more

Thanks :) iv got it for £102.68 :D


I can't remember exactly but think it was 75 days. I took same deal 2 years ago and they arrived before the date they said


Do u know when they arrive? Thanks


where do you people live that you can get a quote for £113 and £160 for both Content and buildings.


My quote was £113 on comparison site and £121 direct. So £21 for buildings and contents with accidental cover on both as well

Free life cover for parents worth £15000 @ legalandgeneral
Found 4th Jun 2015Found 4th Jun 2015
£15,000 of free life cover, just apply before your child's 5th birthday to take advantage.

One year is Ok for free, £15k wont go far though. I recently took out policies. Cavendish online was the cheapest for me, £25 fee per policy. I have separate polices for myself and wife, £350k payout each, 30 year policies until we are 68 and costs a combined £45 a month. Two separate policies worked out cheaper than a joint one, with the benefit of a possible two payouts compared to one.


My dad once had a quote from SunLife....he forever got junk mail and phone calls from them afterwards. Even asking them to stop and writing to them, they still sent stuff.


Parents are indeed worth £15,000




Better off buying the minimum policy (around £6 per month depending on lifestyle) and claiming the £74 cashback via Topcashback. . The policy will cover you for way more than £15k and you'll get the cashback, I save it up & cash out as Amazon vouchers near Xmas.

Legal and General Pet Insurance £40 quidco £50 amazon voucher
Found 26th Apr 2015Found 26th Apr 2015
Quidco currently offering £40 and also possible to get a £50 amazon voucher, although I so far haven't been able to find where to input the code "PETMSE". if anyone finds how it pl… Read more
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just so glad i am not one of your so called loved animals , i wouldnt dare get ill as i know i would be going one way and thats not recovery, a good animal lover would pay everything they have to make sure there pet is looked after, and i have had both mongerals and pedigrees you get bad in both


If you think your vet's an ****, you need to find a new vet. Whether you choose to insure or not shouldn't be based on the decions of a vet you don't like. When I first moved to this area I went to a vet recommended by a neighbour when my elderly cat's kidneys started to fail - that vet seemed to be more interested in how much treatment he could sell me rather than what was best for my cat. I changed vet. I self-insure; I looked into the cost of pet insurance a few years ago and decided to put the monthly premiums in a savings account instead. When my cat injured himself while I was abroad this summer my vet had to house him until I got home a week later. He subsequently needed an op. at the small animal hospital in the vet dept. of the local uni. The total of the bills from my vet and the hospital was considerably less than I would've paid out in insurance over the lifetime of both my cats, but probably a little more than if I'd been insuring one animal. The discussions I had with my own vet and the vets at the hospital were purely about whether an operation was the best thing for my cat; not about cost. I wouldn't expect that to be any different if I had insurance. If it was, I'd change vet or go to a different small animal hospital (there's another one 40 miles away).


Bruce, jog on you donut


No bone with vets. Just like to make any decision on my animals welfare based on reasoned judgement, and not what the vet will make from the unfortunate animal, and insurance company pay-out. Simple really in my world, where my animal is precious to me and not relying on some **** vet trying to screw an insurance company. I am getting bored now, so I'll give up. Good night.


Lol paying for insurance is part of affording to look after and animal. Yes there is such a thing, it's an out of hours vet for emergencies. I know your bone with vets but if I have to pay a premiujnto keep my animals safe and well, I will.

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Legal & General - £60 M&S Voucher for £18 Life Insurance
Found 12th Mar 2014Found 12th Mar 2014
Not a quidco deal. Instead if you go via the link you can sign up for Legal & General life insurance and get £60 M&S vouchers from them direct. They send the vouchers aft… Read more
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Not sure if can cancel after 30 days and not pay the remaining premium during the term? Please see the below policy. If you wish to cancel your policy you have 30 days to do so and we will refund any premiums paid. Please be aware that if you cancel after the 30 day cancellation period you won't get any money back. To cancel please call us on 0370 163 0657 between 8:30am and 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday. We may record and monitor calls and call charges will vary.


really useful comment there... Thanks for sharing your lack of interest...


Still got some m&s vouchers lying around. No idea what to spend them on! Not a deal I'm interested in.


It does state in the small print; "We will aim to send the vouchers four months after your policy start date. Please allow time for delivery" So possibly circa £24 but note the word 'AIM' oO


I got it!

Free Freeloader Box @Legal&General
Found 5th Nov 2013Found 5th Nov 2013
No idea on earth what this is but received an e-mail about it from UCAS due to being a Student. It's free but wondering if anyone can shed some light on it? E-mail states "limit… Read more

Hi, I can clarify this for you. Originally, the Freeloader Box offer was part of a campaign in which we reminded certain existing customers that their policy included some cover for their children when they went to university. However, we are now also giving away the Freeloader Box (just the box – there is no insurance link for non-customers) free to students that sign up as part of a more general brand awareness campaign. We’d like to invite students to take part in co-creation groups over the year to help us learn about marketing to young people, and hopefully it’ll give them some valuable marketing experience too. All students can now just sign up (using a completely separate form and process) to receive the box…. Although we do have a limited number! On behalf of Legal & General: Tristan


Wait, I think we're all getting it wrong. You DON'T have to be a policy holder. The one andywedge linked is different. The one I linked doesn't ask for you to be a policy holder and was sent through UCAS. The link I link is The UCAS e-mail doesn't state this.


Depends if you can handle this....


Please add "Legal and General policy holders only" to the title


Ah ok then. I actually came across the page after you posted but when you click "get box" it sends you to another page which you have to select what policy, yet that one I link doesn't ask and is different? Worth a go do you think?

Legal and General Life Insurance £80 cashback with Quidco. 3 payments of £6 minimum to qualify
Found 9th Oct 2008Found 9th Oct 2008
Similar to the Marks and Spencer and Post Office Life Insurance deals through quidco. You sign up for a short term life insurance policy and after 3 premiums quidco cashback of £8… Read more
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Holy thread revival?!


it really doesnt work like that i was asked for copies of birth certificates and household bills to prove they lived there for each person but wasnt asked until the cashback was due to be paid so in fact lost all i had paid , serves my right really lol


ive also cancelled my DD online.


To me too, worked out in the end! Got a total of £100 this month from them so v happy!


Quidco have made the £80 payment!!!

Legal & General ISAs open new account online poss £110 quidco cashback
Found 5th Jul 2007Found 5th Jul 2007
just came across this whilst looking at quidco. Has anyone taken out an ISA with Legal & General. It seems like a fantastic payout (althought not guaranteed) The Legal & G… Read more
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I'm still waiting for my quidco enquiry to be processed.... That's not a bad return though, I choose a top 100 shares and it's up £5 atm


wow, just checked my account for the first time since starting in July, i have made 2 payments of £50 in august and september and my Ethical trust ISA is at £111, thats over 10% in less than 2 months, plus the £110 quidco has now been been "added" after an enquiry, now thats an investment!:-D What ISA did everyone else go for?


The uk stock market is hovering around the 6,600 mark at the moment and the dow at 14,164 both of which i think are pretty high historically. Neither are exectly tumbling. As i understand it the LIBOR interbank lending rates are also back down to normal levels although there is probably still some pressure in the credit markets. We might even see a drop in the BOE base rate by the end of this year. It is a good time to be saving though as pointed out. Many banks and BS are tripping over themselves to get more cash liquidity into their systems.


As the stock market tumbles, usually the cost of borrowing goes up. As the interest rates of borrowing go up, the savings rates go up with them. It's a good time to save. Not a good time to borrow though!


Or a continual plunge for the next few years? Good way to lose money! Stock market likely to fall for a few years at some point soon, who knows whether it'll start now or next year or in 5 years???