Legend Of Zelda Heat Changing Mug £4.99 Grainger Games

Legend Of Zelda Heat Changing Mug £4.99 Grainger Games

Found 6th Mar 2018
As posted recently, but now under a fiver. Was surprised by the great quality of the one I bought.

Now, time to fill it with hot Lon Lon Milk.

There are a few more mug designs too :

Zelda Crest : graingergames.co.uk/pro…mug

Snes Retro : graingergames.co.uk/pro…mug

Hylian Shield : graingergames.co.uk/pro…mug
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The plastic always comes off the heat changing mugs people give me.
Looks like it's out of stock. They also stock several other Zelda mugs and coasters. The Zelda Hyrule Shield looks interesting!!

Zelda Shield Mug
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In stock again, and funilly the merchoid deal is expired as up to full price but that's still listed.

Cheers OP
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