Legendary (PC) - £2.99 @ CDiscount Entertainment

Legendary (PC) - £2.99 @ CDiscount Entertainment

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Found 6th Apr 2011
The Cheapest I have found it so far!!!

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Click for Games £3.57
The HUT £3.85
Zavvi £3.85

Players face the beasts of Pandora’s Box as the world combats its own extinction in this first person shooter title.

Players face the beasts of Pandora’s Box as the world combats its own extinction in this first person shooter title.

Charles Deckard is a professional art thief unwittingly tricked into stealing Pandora’s Box: a chest containing all the evils of the world once thought only myth. Werewolves, gryphons and a whole array of weird and wonderful creatures have been let loose, slowly destroying the world they find themselves in. As a world war between humanity and these beasts begins, it’s up to Deckard to close the box and trap these creatures once more.

The blockbuster storyline and over-the-top setting places players directly into the heart of the battle, with real-world locations all containing the action. Cities such as New York and London will slowly crumble and burn as players make their way through the streets fighting and creatures with whatever exotic weaponry comes to hand. As well as the dark creatures that roam each landmark, Deckard will have to face a powerful society intent on using the power of Pandora’s Box, pitting each faction against once another during fights.

Legendary revels in its dramatic set pieces and over-the-top plot, giving players a huge array of creature to face in detailed real-world environments.

Legendary tells the story of a thief - Charles Deckard - who is duped into stealing the mythical Pandora's Box. Like Pandora before him, he cannot resist the temptation of finding out what's inside. By opening the fabled device, he unleashes hordes of creatures thought to be merely the imaginings of our ancestors. However, murderous werewolves, unstoppable gryphons and other creatures of ancient lore prove all too real as they wreak havoc across an unprepared modern world.

Legendary is a breath-taking blockbuster experience where man and machine take on the beasts of legend in the war to end all wars, all set against a backdrop of total social disintegration. High calibre ordnance meets beak, talon, fang and claw in awe-inspiring fire fights the like of which have never before been realised in a video game. Living, breathing dynamic environments are spectacularly torn apart in the battle to stay alive, with the devastation of New York and London realised on an unprecedented scale.
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Not too impressed with the art in the game.
still for the price though it is not bad
I have this game. All I can say if AVOID! it looks so dated now and it's just so linear. Yuk!
I played this game on the 360 and for all the negative reviews and hate on forums - I actually found it quite enjoyable. Even tempted to pick this up to possibly replay.

Cheaper at Game Gears £2.83
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