Legendary (PS3) - £4 instore at Tescos (Leicester Beaumont Leys)

Legendary (PS3) - £4 instore at Tescos (Leicester Beaumont Leys)

Found 28th Aug 2010
Saw this in Tescos today. Not got the greatest reviews but hey its £4. There's other games in the sale but no others I saw this cheap.

Was several in stock probably 5+.


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If ya gonna vote cold atleast explain teh reason. £4 is **** all for a game. Even if it's not for everyone then others may appreciate a cheap game.


hot, not that much of a bad game i enjoyed it, good spot

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Gotta love people voting cold just cos of a few reviews online. It's like they look it up and go "well it's reviews aren't great so I should vote cold."

If you don't fancy the game even for £4 then just move on. Bit harsh saying it's cold when a £4 game isn't gonna break ya bank.
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I'm usually very forgiving when it comes to games. I bought Legendary but after 15 minutes, I realised this game is so dated, it's not worth playing. So linear it's not true, you can't jump over anything and the story isn't that great either. Sorry but cold as Hell even at £4.

i voted hot boyf just off to tescos to look for the toy bargains so i shall ring him and tell him about this thankyou xxx

Have some hotness !

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Been playing this for a while tonight. Fairly generic FPS but enjoying it and the puzzle solving (which is fairly simple at times). Kinda creepy game sometimes too knowing there's werewolves somewhere around ya.

PS: You can jump over things but it's fairly restrictive on what ya can jump as the games quite linear but I don't mind that.

In my opinion it's well worth the punt for £4.
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