Legendary XBOX360 Reduced to £9.91 Delivered @ Asda

Legendary XBOX360 Reduced to £9.91 Delivered @ Asda

Found 4th Jun 2009
Deep within the dusty basement of a New York museum lies mythology's most infamous artifact: Pandora's Box. When rogue art thief Charles Deckard is tasked with stealing the box, he accidentally opens it and releases mythological creatures we though were fiction.
Now, giant griffons rule the skies, ravenous werewolves stalk the streets, and Deckard is left branded with a signet that is the secret to man's salvation. With the aid of a clandestine paramilitary force, he must fight to steal the door between reality and myth once more or face the fall of civilization, torn apart by the tooth and claw of legend.

-Multiplayer lets you destroy your enemy with firepower or the tooth and claw of monster AI.
-Dynamic environments crumble, sky-scrapers collapse, civilization falls
-Take on savage werewolves, fearsome griffons and other dangerous creatures.


If something is cheap on Asda you need to check TheHut as it will probably be cheaper on there without the profit margin Asda add on. The game is only ]£7.93 at TheHut but maybe only for today.

I recommend downloading the demo off Marketplace and giving it a quick play before buying. I really didn't like it, clunky inaccurate controls and gameplay.
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