Lego 60155 City Advent Calendar 2017 - £14.59 @ Amazon (Prime / £18.58 non Prime)

Lego 60155 City Advent Calendar 2017 - £14.59 @ Amazon (Prime / £18.58 non Prime)

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Lego Advent Calendar 2017
you save £5.40
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No, I save £14.59
Thanks just rdered
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Might want to examine 2016 kit price variance - dropped to similar price around same date last year and did not get any lower (though some third party sellers did offer at lower rates - no doubt with additional postage). Obviously you pays your money you takes your choice.

I've bitten now.

Thanks @s100nko
I've bought these the last few years for my son and they don't get much cheaper than this, I have left it to late previously and had to pay £20+ - if you want one grab it now. My son is to old now so I am just after the Lego friends one at this kind of price
Well that must have gone quick.....
showing as £22.95
Showing as £22.95 top of page.
Then £14.59 further down.

Problem being, ONLY the £22.95 pricelink will add to basket.
I don't see any at £14.59
Got one at £14.59 told family who often buy this too and now OOS, hopefully available again soon, thanks OP
I see it on "Join Fresh" for that price, will investigate.....bother not available in my post code.
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Missed it I was adding to basket it kept not adding without any reason I went back tried again a few times still nothing refressed and it was gone. Is it on Amazon Now for this price?
Currently 3 for 2 at Argos too. Albeit £19.99 each
Still if you get 3, that's only £13 each.
t121anf33 m ago

Still if you get 3, that's only £13 each.

But if you only wanted the one thats £39.98 for three, ok you could sell them on eBay and with some effort it maybe £13 each. I'd rather hold out on the hope Amazon adds them back and instead shows 2-4 weeks waiting since wont be needing this till late November I can wait.
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