LEGO 70738 Ninjago Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty £67.99 @ Amazon / John Lewis

LEGO 70738 Ninjago Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty £67.99 @ Amazon / John Lewis

Found 17th May 2016
This price as JL and Amazon (looks like the usual price match) Take your pick. Price did drop at Tesco Direct too, although now up to 93

Attention Ninja heroes! All aboard Destiny’s Bounty for an aerial duel against Morro, the ultimate Ghost and Master of Wind. Check out the LEGO Ninjago ship’s cool details, which include a detachable roof containing Nya’s foldout workshop and an air-bike. Pick up the ship with the handle, adjust the lever-operated sails and soar into battle.

Avoid the snapping jaws and swiping tail of the Ghost Dragon and attack with the triple-stud-shooting cannons. Pull out the dual flick harpoon shooter to activate the engine transformation function. Unleash the air-bike to fend off Morro’s Ghost Ninja and the menacing Skreemers. You must protect the Aeroblade from these evil Ghosts!

Destiny’s Bounty features a retractable handle for easy flying, 4 lever-operated adjustable sails, 2 triple-stud-shooting cannons with ammunition, storage compartments with a crowbar and Katana, rotating dual flick harpoon shooter with engine transformation function, opening roof, detailed interior, Aeroblade; the detachable roof includes Nya’s foldout workshop with hidden air bike and assorted tools, bucket, pirate hat with feather, cup, treasure chest with golden teapot, rat, cheese and golden Ninja blades.

Morro’s Ghost Dragon features a saddle, posable head with opening jaws, posable wings, legs and tail, and sharp talons.

Includes 9 minifigures with assorted weaponry and accessories: Lloyd, Nya, Cole, Battle Wu, Morro, Blade Master Bansha, Bow Master Soul Archer, Scythe Master Ghoultar and Ghost Ninja Spyder.
Weaponry includes: Lloyd’s Golden Katana and Deepstone Katana, Nya’s Deepstone Katana and sai, Cole’s Deepstone Scythe, Battle Wu’s staff, Morro’s Ghost Katana, Bansha’s double-bladed Ghost Master Blade, Soul Archer’s crossbow, Ghoultar’s double-bladed scythe and Spyder’s sabre.
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Cheers, flubit offered £58.13
lucky you flubit offered me no where near that
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