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LEGO 70841 The Lego Movie 2 Benny's Space Squad @Smyths (In store only)

LEGO 70841 The Lego Movie 2 Benny's Space Squad @Smyths (In store only)

Posted 30th OctAvailable: National, South East, South, South West, London, East of England, West Midlands, East Midlands, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, North West, North East, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
It was around this price a while back, now around £8/£9 elsewhere - shame its only instore collection, but seems to be plenty of stock around.

(I don't have a Smyths near me, so poo to this deal with knobs on - but thought it might help someone out )

LEGO blurb:

This space toy for kids includes The Lego Movie 2 minifigures: Benny, Lenny, Jenny and Kenny
Accessory elements include an airtank and helmet for each minifigure, Benny's walkie-talkie, Lenny's wrench and Kenny's metal detector
Recreate scenes from the movie!
Spaceship assembled dimensions: 9L x 5W x 4H cm/Lunar buggy 5L x 3W x 3H cm
Contents: 68 Piece Count
Batteries not required
Product Description
Launch into space Lego 70841 The Lego Movie 2 Benny's Space Squad! Land on planets with Benny’s Spaceship and explore with the lunar buggy. Contact Lenny, Jenny and Kenny with Benny’s walkie-talkie. Fend off aliens with Jenny’s gun and search for treasure with Kenny's metal detector!
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Smyths had it at this price for a while now. Good price and fun minifigs for fans. SPACESHIP!
These take me back to my space Lego back in the 70s.

Tesco have this for £6.80 which obviously isn't as cheap but possibly easier to get to.
Cheapest I've seen it for is £4.50 at Boots so £5 isn't bad for such a great set.
Paid the same price from smyths back in June. Brilliant set for the price and my son loved having all the different coloured “bennys” bought another for my nephews Christmas pressie
Thanks OP! 14 in Derbados!
All I can think of now is Arnold Schwarzenneger shouting "SCROO YOO BENNYYY!" in Total Recall.

You're all welcome
If I see one more flippin white witch flamedeer, I'm quitting HUKD until after Halloween.

Ok I can't quit, none of us can, but I don't have to like it!
Jenny, Kenny, Lenny and Benny. What about Penny.... Penny... Penny...!
Still in stock!
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