lego batcave 6860 £35 instore @ tesco was £70

lego batcave 6860 £35 instore @ tesco was £70

Found 2nd Jan 2013
lego batcave £35 instore @ tesco was £70 cheapest i have seen this

£55 @ amazon

they also had some other lego set vampire castle £40 and some star wars
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which store?
I thought I had done well to get it for £54.00 before Christmas.

Will check at my local store but would be amazed if this was nationwide.
Not at my local extra stores would've loved to get the batcave and castle to put back for birthday presents
Phoned and it's £60 at my local homeplus store.
the vampire castle is a brilliant set and I would highly reccomend it if anyone sees it that cheap... loads of cool features to keep kids amused for ages after its built.
Plenty of all of the following in Tesco Extra, Kingston Park (Newcastle).

9474 The Battle Of Helm's Deep for £49.00

6860 The Batcave - £35.00

6868 Hulk's Helicarrier Breakout - £24.50

7346 Seaside House - £17.00

9450 Epic Dragon Battle for £45.00

9516 Jabba's Palace - £59.00…6-1

Phoned and it's £60 at my local homeplus store.

Before heading down to Wrexham I phoned and was quoted £60 for the batcave. We went anyway and it scanned at £35.
We also picked up Helm's Deep, Hulk's Helicarrier, Jabba's Palace, the Police Station and the Technic Helicopter all at the lower prices mentioned in the recent posts. Unfortunately Wrexham didn't have any Epic Dragon Battles.
Excellent! Just got Jabba's Palace for £59 and the large techic helicopter for £29 from Bracknell Home Plus.
Great deal just picked up some sets. Scanned at reduced prices
Anyone tried York?
Just picked up The Batcave at Cribbs, Bristol. They had a couple left & one Jabba set that I could see. All unpriced but scanned at £35.
Lots of lego left in the Newport Spitty store, including 5-6 of this set as of 6pm today. :-)
None of these offers in York Clifton Moore
I've just come back from Tesco Extra New Malden and they had this offer there. I picked up the last Batcave and Jabbas Palace.

They had plenty of

7498 Police Station
RRP £71.99 now £36

6231 Speeda demon
RRP £24.99 now £12

9396 Technic Helicopter
RRP £69.99 now £35

and a couple of 6868 Hulk's Heli-carrier Breakout £24.50 & 7346 Seaside House - £17.00

Some stuff was priced correctly but Hulk was priced at £37.50 yet went through at £24.50.
stock in Talbot Green
they had these in Denton Manchester too
Thank you OP. I have managed to source a 9468 Monster vampire castle, 9396 large technic helicopter and couple of the 7345 smaller helicopter creators as gifts.

They even accepted a £5 Sainsburys voucher I happened to have with me.

That's my lads sorted for a while.

When I spoke to Tesco customer services they said they had been sent the wrong shelf labels and were waiting on the correct ones being sent through. At Danestone Aberdeen they had most of those sets listed, but I didn't see The Lord of the rings one. I didn't look too hard as I would have ended up spending far far too much.

Got myself a Jabba's Palace and a Helms Deep - BUT you need to scan them to see the actual price you will be charged...

Jabba's Palace is £99, but scans at £59. Helms Deep is listed at £45 and scans at £45!!!!!!
Do you mean crown point in denton or another been stockport and handforth neither had any
Still trying to remember if Lego was this expensive when I asked for it
Where's D_C ???? he'll be all over this like a tramp on chips !
Tempted by the Hulk set for the figures alone.
cold £30 asda in store. my little boy loves it, hasn't stopped playing with it since he opened it Christmas day.
None in slough
same prices in broughton jabbas palace shows at 99.00 but should be in line with other stores and they had at least 6 of each this morning with the vampires castle at 35.:)
Checked all the Stores in Belfast and the surrounding stores with no luck....Boo hoo, Not one store even stocked any of these fabulous items... Its a conspiracy maaaaaan!!!!:p
yes crown point denton
also had lord of the rings battle of helms deep for 49.99!
Got the Batcave - others still scanning at full price but happy to be spending the evening with Batman!
None in the March Store
great if you can find it
Tesco Extra Warrington have a couple of Batcaves @ £35 and Technic Coptor for £29.50 plus a few other bits i didnt note.
Thanks for the heads up, just got the Batcave for £35 as listed, well happy with that price!

Picked it up at the new Stretford extra store on Chester Road, Manchester. For anyone after one I'm just out of the store (Thursday evening) and they had loads left of the Batcave. They are on 3 different shelves scattered throughout the toy section. As listed other Lego sets reduced as well
Plenty in Bristol Cribbs Causeway when I looked in yesterday.

Where's D_C ???? he'll be all over this like a tramp on chips !

oi less of it .. other wise there will be trouble
Picked up 2 jabba palaces for £59 each and a batcave for £35 in the St Helens tesco, they also had a few other great deals (police sets etc) but I didn't have enough cash on me, you can easily sell these for double in another year if you keep them boxed.
Managed to get palace and castle. Wasn't in normal Lego section though it was all in a clearance section round the corner! Glad I went looking.

Still trying to remember if Lego was this expensive when I asked for it

expensive? Cheapest in long time...
Oh forgot to add, all priced up as £89 but scans as £59 and £49
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