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LEGO Batman 76182 Cowl Helmet £27.50 / Speed Champions 76900 76901 £9 / Classic 11015 Around The World £22.50 (Selected Stores) @ Tesco

£27.50£45.9540% off
In store: National · Tesco Deals
Shared by mrsandmum
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Posted 14th Jul 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

50% OFF RRP £54.99 LEGO Batman 76182 Cowl Helmet
50% OFF RRP £17.99 Speed Champions 76900 / 76901
50% OFF LEGO Classic 11015 Around The World £22.50

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  1. Avatar
    Was £27.50 in my local
  2. Avatar
    Looks like it’s national

    Replying to

    Trying to psych out the competition into not going... I'm on to you 'Jonno42' if that is your real name
  3. Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up. Picked up a few sets which had 75% off including the mclaren senna for 11.25!
    There's good reductions but stock will vary store to store I posted the others on here

  4. Avatar
    Thank you @mrsandmum picked up the Batman cowl / helmet / head thing large speed champions were £4.50 too. The only other cheap thing was lloyds ninjago green car down from £20 to £6.75

    Replying to

    I think it was the mclaren elva but the whole section had been wiped out with just the label left. They had 3 of the batman heads, I purchased one and a lady behind me picked one up also. The other one had the black security tag frame over it and it had crushed the box really badly. They only had 1 of the ninjago sets so I left it for the next person to buy as I don’t collect the theme , hopefully someone picks up a bargain that they really want rather than buying to sell on. Also had the Aston Martin speed champions double set for £27.50 but I didn’t feel that was cheap enough to pick up on a whim. Also lots of bro Thor at £18 something and mini tumblers for £26 ish
  5. Avatar
    Rotherham Extra have 19
    Barnsley Extra 10
    Mansfield Extra 14
    Batley Extra 11
    Chesterfield Extra 11
    Shefield Extra 4

    Infact theres lots of these in many Extras (not all) (edited)
    how do you check stock levesl?
  6. Avatar
    1267621161657784672.jpgHow do I get for this price
    you don't.
  7. Avatar
    Any idea if national? Or store specific?
  8. Avatar
    If anyone finds this please can you grab a few Terry’s chocolate oranges 🍊 I’m all out ! Lol if you know, you know!
  9. Avatar
  10. Avatar
    Was this price in my local (northamptonshire)
  11. Avatar
    Just grabbed a few in Sheffield. With 10% staff discount as well. Bargain
  12. Avatar
    Everything had been cleared out by the time I finished work but they had the darth vader head reduced to £30 and 2 of the monster truck series were reduced down to £4.50
  13. Avatar
    Thanks, I picked up one batman cowl and a speed champion aston martin 76910 - £29.50 on a reduced sticker rather than clubcard price, got 10% staff discount too
  14. Avatar
    Just seen this on another post @mrsandmum
    That person must've been extremely lucky.. I've never even seen that on the shelf at my local let alone reduced to clear
  15. Avatar
    my 2 local tesco shelves had been ransacked way before i got there at lunch time
  16. Avatar
    I got one at my nearest Tesco and they had several in stock. Worth a trip.
  17. Avatar
    Huge amount of reduced to clear toys at Tesco at the moment
  18. Avatar
    Thanks picked up the Batman this morning, none on shelf but they checked out back & found a box
  19. Avatar
    Where is please?
  20. Avatar
    Wow! No chance of me getting but wow! Heat!
  21. Avatar
    🔥 I don’t think my local Tesco will have these deals 😔
  22. Avatar
    Oh hang on

    17.00 it’s now showing!! (edited)
    That's incorrect
  23. Avatar
    I feel like I've seen Lego advertised on line for similar prices, only to find it more expensive in store. Will they price match if shown the price online??
  24. Avatar
    What have they done to those poor lego boxes
  25. Avatar
    The stock checker must not get updated very often as mine is showing as I'm stock after I bought the remaining sets
  26. Avatar
    went to one that said they had stock of the helmet. They didn't.
  27. Avatar
    The Speed Champions 76900 Koenigsegg was a surprisingly good buy for the time needed to complete it. It also has stickers, which make it a little trickier. So a nice little build for the price.

    In the Cambridge Tescos store they had a few more of them around but no Batman Cowls. A few other slightly reduced items.
  28. Avatar
    Checked my two locals today but they had been mainly cleared out! lots of Lego friends sets left in the one.
    I did get some dots, lego stuntz bikes and set 76189 which scanned at £2.45.
  29. Avatar
    Went the three different stores but managed to get one at Tesco Yeading. None on the shelves but 15 in stock - all in the back!
  30. Avatar
    Just bought 1 but 2 Lego Batman cowls left in Tesco Osterley
  31. Avatar
    Got Darth Vader helmet for £30
  32. Avatar
    No luck on Batman (multiple Tescos in Edinburgh/Falkirk) but I got a Koennigsegg for £9 and a £25 Friends set for £12.50.
  33. Avatar
    Stockport had some this evening. 4/5 on the shelf as of 7:30pm.