lego.. buy one get one half price at WHSmiths

lego.. buy one get one half price at WHSmiths

Found 29th Jul 2014
WH Smith are doing a buy one, get one half price at my local store in Leicester. choice is limited but maybe a bargain to be had.

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No bargains here, the Lego in wh smiths is way overpriced and even buy one get one half price is more expensive than most places.

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fair point!

yea, they do inflate their Lego prices by quite a bit

They have over inflated prices and still more expensive with the offer

Goodness me just looked at their website. Most sets seem to have a "Was" price that is £5-12 more than even what I understand to be the "List price" for the item, with a current price that is £3-10 more than the normal price.

E.g. a set that you usually see for £19.99 is listed as Was £34.99 current price is £24.99 You Save £10!

How can WH Smith survive with prices like this, does ANYONE shop there???

Reminds me of Woolies not long before they went under.

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the Leicester store is a shambles to be honest....
I saw these deals however and thought it worth posting. forgot about the haters out the who prefer to be negative rather than be polite.

Tbh with WH prices it would need to be buy one for three free to actually be a deal - cold

Cold, LEGO has been buy 1 get 1 half price for years at smiths
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