LEGO City 3221: Big Truck.  mis-price?  £9.00 @Sainsbury's in-store

LEGO City 3221: Big Truck. mis-price? £9.00 @Sainsbury's in-store

Found 18th Jun 2011
I found it Sainsbury's Beckton. It was hidden between LEGO City 4643: Power Boat Transporter boxes (the same size). Price on the shelf 19.99.

I assumed that price wil be similar. At home i have checked receipt and big surprise, nine pounds. Because is exactly nine pounds not 9.99 or 8.99 so i assuming that is mis-price.
Amazon £32


Sainsbury's did the same thing with the Police boat set (7287) a few weeks back but no price on the shelf. Before that they had a huge display of the boat and this truck for around £15 so obvisouly couldn't get rid of all the stock they got in for that!

Will try the one near work on monday see if they have any - fingers crossed!

Not sure that this is a mis-price. It had already gone down to £14.99 quite a while ago & lots of the toys have been reduced futher. Good find though.
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