LEGO City 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train £58.35 @ Amazon

LEGO City 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train £58.35 @ Amazon

Found 6th Nov 2015
Sorry if this has already been posted, but this seems to be the cheapest I've seen the Lego High-Speed train set in a while. I wish I didn't have the set already. Get in there quick.

- Includes 3 minifigures: train driver, traveler and a cyclist
- Features motorized locomotive with 8-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control, high-speed front profile
Way station features small platform with 2 seats, map of train services, warning sign, lights and a crossing
- Includes a full circular track with 16 curved rail tracks and 4 straight rail tracks
- Also includes a bicycle
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Super hot! Lowest its ever been @ Amazon.
Superb price. Ordered one for a present.
Hot! Fantastic price! Ordered for the kids (and, er, me) for Christmas!
Wonder if argos will price match

Wonder if argos will price match

Argos works out cheaper per set (£53.28) if you buy 3 sets.

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Excellent price - ordered
Far from the best Lego train set, but there is no such thing as a bad lego train set, HEAT
How many lego train sets are there?
My son got this last year. It is amazing! I also bought him the station and crossing. The grandparents got him an extender pack too. He is 8 and still has hours of fun with this
Was just about to post this! Cheapest it's been on amazon.
Just bought this a month ago for 70£ from Amazon. Best price its ever been.
Wow just goes to show how ridiculously overpriced Lego is
Thanks, have ordered for my sons for Christmas
Great spot. Thanks!!!

how fast does it go?
Ordered, great find

how fast does it go?

Very fast, I don't know the speed but very fast is the answer. Never comes of the tracks either. The speed settings are not on notches either, but via a dial, so you can get the exact speed you want with ease. Also has a reverse. The lego train sets are excellent all round really.
Great spot, amazing value for a really nice set. It's worth getting some extra track though if you don't have some already
Ordered ta
Amazing price so ordered directly before it went OOS, Flubit offered a couple of quid off at first then £53.10 after a hour or so for anyone interested.
Would love it .. wife would kill me.
Just ordered mine through Flubit, as got it for just over £53
Cancelled my Amazon order and ordered thru Flubit for £52.58
Get 3 for 2 on Argos at £79 each

Get 3 for 2 on Argos at £79 each

Works out @ £53.28 each but you have to buy 3.

You can buy just one via Flubit for £52.58
I got it for £52.98 on flubit
Only buying three to sell on on eBay. Bought before I saw the Flubit deal.

Only buying three to sell on on eBay. Bought before I saw the Flubit deal.

Hmm, not sure if joking, but you wouldn't make a lot of profit for a fair bit of hassle, you must be on the breadline
The Lego trains are great!
Extra tracks and points can be bought separately and increase the fun. Go from crawling slow to really fast. Can go forwards & backwards & can control 2 trains or train and lights from 1 controller
I used Flubit to drop the price. Thanks OP

Only buying three to sell on on eBay. Bought before I saw the Flubit deal.

The most you'll get is £70 less £7 ebay fee, less £5.79 hermes tracked less £2.50 paypal fee leaving you with £1.43 profit.
Heat ordered though flubit for £53.09
First time I have used this site before just hope it all goes well
one of my grandsons wish list, excellent price but will try Flubit first
anybody else ordered from Flubit before?
Ordered from amazon. It was only a couple quid cheaper on flubit and id sooner do this than order of a site ive never heard if . Seems to have good reviews though
I just ordered through Flubit for £53.81 - No idea why i bought it! Must be that big kid in me......
Flubit offer me £56.60...

Flubit offer me £56.60...

Wait 1/2 hrs and they will offer you 10% off. The £56.60 is just the intant offer.
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