Lego City fire station 60004, 1/2 price £35 @ Sainsburys

Lego City fire station 60004, 1/2 price £35 @ Sainsburys

Found 21st Oct 2014
Stopped at sainsburys tonight to get a feel for tomorrow's toy sale and spotted an area where some toys were already marked down. This caught my eye. Think this model has now been superseded but still a great price. Appreciate this has goose chase written all over it. Store was tollgate Colchester, located back of store by TVs and lap tops.
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I was there last week gutted it wasn't there then! Good price if you can get one heat added
There was one left, although there were lots of staff bringing trolleys out to load up the shelfs. I nearly missed it because it was on the bottom shelf.
Just went to Sainsburys to pick up the Fire Emergency that was apparently at half price as per another post...but it was at full price at the store I went to. I've gone on these price reduction pursuits one too many times - fantastic price if you can get this set for £35.00...but I'm giving up chasing these down.
bummer.went there at 4pm and nothing was reduced at that point lol
honk honk!
worth while checking tomorrow.
It is confirmed on here too theres a seprate post already running starts when stores open
Does anyone know if the toy sale will start at midnight at 24 hour stores?
hello, I was told prices in live at midnight
not sure about 24 hour stores but sale starts when stores open...
I have never been in a Sainsburys that stocks Lego sets this big ever (and we have a 'Superstore' close to us which is HUGE). Is this a North vs South thing?
thats a fab price. think i'll be taking a trip to sainsburys in the morning
I paid full price for this last year :'(
Hot! Never have these big sets in my local either but still hot if you can kind it.
no luck in bamber bridge this morning
My local Sainsbury was manic this morning (Fosse Park) with it being half-term early here this week, full of parents wrecking the place. Having said that most of the toys on offer seemed to be round aboput half price so pretty good deals to be had.
I'll have a look in our local sainsburys after i finish work- not hopeful though! X)
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Just been to my local, lego sets were only 25% off, some good girl half price things (I've got boys!!). Although our store doesn't have a huge toy section & it's even smaller whilst they extend!
Yes my local 25% off too so don't bother as plenty better deals on Asda, Amazon and TRU at the moment.

Yes my local 25% off too so don't bother as plenty better deals on Asda, … Yes my local 25% off too so don't bother as plenty better deals on Asda, Amazon and TRU at the moment.

TRU? Is there a discounter I haven't heard of?
Don't bother in Beckton as only 25 to 30% off Lego. As another poster noted, better deals are available elsewhere.
25 % off lego , we didn't buy any lego this time as we keep finding them cheaper on amazon ect
Anyone know when this offer finishes? Been stuck on nightshifts not had a chance to head to my local. Also any fellow Scots checked their stores, been on a goose chase a few times for lego deals in sainsburys to be told they don't have them, must be an English deal?!
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