Lego Dimensions, Asda, £5

Lego Dimensions, Asda, £5

Found 21st May 2017
I went in search of those hard drives (sold out in Yorkgate & Shore Road stores). I found the Yorkgate store had reduced the Lego Dimensions packs, the cheapest fun pack was reduced to £5 (Legolas, 71219), was £10.80 and the Ghostbusters level pack (Venkman, 71228) was reduced from £33 to £14.
They had several other fun & level packs on the shelf (Yorkgate store)...
Can't find them on Asda's website.
The Ghostbusters pack is over £20 everywhere else I have looked!
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I got the Dr who level pack for £7 yesterday from Asda
I got bad cop from lego movie for £4
Just been and our local had a few but none that I was really interested in. Dr Who for £7 is a steal though
nothing in Reading one
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