Lego Dimensions Fun Packs - £5 each instore at Poundland

Lego Dimensions Fun Packs - £5 each instore at Poundland

LocalFound 13th Jan 2018
Spotted this in my local store 2 weeks ago, but didn't get around to purchasing or posting, but went back in today and grabbed some.
My store had the Bart Simpson and Bad Cop (Lego Movie) packs, but I'm guessing other stores may have different.
£5 each and for these two it's a better deal than the BOGOF at Smyth's/Argos as Simpson one is £14.99
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Good find - a fiver for one of the fun packs is good value!

Cheers for sharing
My local has doc brown, gimli and sensei wu about 6 weeks ago when it was first posted. Now they only have sensei wu and haven't had any other ones since
Thanks. I'll get one now.
Doc brown, aqua man, bart Simpson, bad cop and ninjago have all been in my local stores over the last month or so.
Urmmm... £5 in Poundland! What a bargain!
The only one I’ve seen in my nearest Poundland is invisible man...
I've seen Bart, Bane, Aquaman, Doc Brown and Wizard of Oz. I want to see Bad Cop.
Sunderland only have wonder woman
Westwood Cross only have Knight Rider, but a fair few of them.
I saw a load of these at the Nottingham poundland about 3-4 days ago, probably still there.
Finally found these in the Twickenham branch today.
They had wicked witch, bad cop, Bart, Bane, knight rider and Sensei Wu.
Abingdon store had Aquaman and Bart. Thanks for the heads-up!
Brilliant thanks - managed to get 4 of these today. Harpurhey had bad cop and Back to the future. Openshaw had Sensi Wu and Eris
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