Lego Dimensions Portal 2 and Dr Who level packs

Lego Dimensions Portal 2 and Dr Who level packs

Found 9th Dec 2016
Just got these two for a grand total of, somewhere around 30. the calculator told me it would be 33 quid and then amazon charged me 27.

Im not good at this.

Either way decent saving
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bare in mind you have to order over 25 euro to get free shipping. current conversation of 16€ is £13.50.

and depending on which method of paying you could incur international payment fee and currency conversation fee like halifax charges.
ahhh so I got free delivery. bonus.
there were other deals but I was trying to do it all before work and alt tabbing to stop my kid seeing. I think the midway one was also £13.50
just went in to change the delivery address and it updated the price with delivery charges. bit gutted. but still a saving.
Dr who is sub £18 on amazon UK if just wanting that
after adding delivery portal 2 if nearly 19 pound so not amazing offer
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