Lego Dimensions - Various Clearance - Tesco (Derry Waterside)

Lego Dimensions - Various Clearance - Tesco (Derry Waterside)

Found 26th Jul 2016
Just been to Tesco for a late night jaunt and happened across Lego Dimensions packs on clearance. Not sure if National or Local I was in Derry Waterside store.

Level Pack 71202 - Simpsons £7.00
Team Pack 71229 - Joker/Harley Quinn £6.25
Fun Pack 71238 - Doctor Who £3.75
Fun Pack 71212 - LEGO Movie £3.75

There are 3 Simpsons packs left on Clearance shelf and I found the other three (luckily) dotted around the store, someone must've changed their mind whilst shopping.

Fully expect a release the Geese on this, but definitely worth a look.
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You're lucky. My local had just had a fancy new stand out in to show all this lot off. No chance I'll be seeing these prices anytime soon.
My store went 1 step further on Sunday and had reduced all the lego dimensions sets we had by 90% level packs were 70p, team packs 63p and fun packs 38p. Picked up all the fun packs I didn't currently have for under £2.

Keep an eye out in your local stores if they removed lego dimensions from the entertainment section as it's clear to zero stock which usually means upto 90% off current instore price.
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