Lego Dimensions Xbox One - Instore Sainsburys - £55

Lego Dimensions Xbox One - Instore Sainsburys - £55

Found 26th Mar 2016
Best price I've been able to find for the Xbox One version of the Lego Dimensions starter kit. E.g. Amazon have it up for £69.99.
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Maybe store specific as my local had this at £65 on Friday afternoon.
I spoke to staff in my local store and they said pricing on these Items was always local. When I last looked there was £10-15 between my two local stores for this and there only a mile and a half apart.
Should be nationwide. Most employees have no idea what they're talking about.
We got this in Preston yesterday, and noticed it's the same price in Colne and Burnley today.
I got a copy today In sainsburys in Wrexham for xbox one for £55
Got mine in Kettering on ps4 for £55 yesterday
Exeter here... xb1...

Most expensive game. Ever.
It was a pre-printed sticker so i'd have thought nationwide. Tomorrow will tell I guess!
If you can wait a couple of days, Nectar Double Up starts on Wednesday so could potentially make this £35.
Geez, I might be buying it for a third time then (had already bought it on Amazon and returned it to get it when I spotted it in Sainsburys).

However, my guess is that they'll be canning their discounts. It would make all of the Infinity and Dimensions stuff super-cheap because they already 2for1 them.

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55 quid, hmmmm, nah voting hot, but got minecraft, Disney infinity... price ain't right for me, ywt
Bought this from Leicester store yesterday, enjoying the game so far
Confirmed, just picked up for £55 in Cardiff store.
Sainsbury's Bath Odd Down store had 3 copies total yesterday. 2 PS4 1 XB1, both versions £55.
All 3 Boxes appeared damaged slightly by the security binding.
The display boxes in my local weren't the ones you got - they're stored elsewhere and fetched by an assistant when you buy it. One local didn't have any of the starter kits, not sure about the other local Sainsburys though. I did pick up some of the expansion packs for a pretty decent price (given RRP, the whole thing is a bit over-pricey)
£55 in bigger store in Crawley
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