Unfortunately, this deal has expired 26 September 2023.
Posted 14 September 2023

LEGO Disney 43217 ‘Up’ House / Minecraft 21190 The Abandoned Village £22 w/ £5 coupon (Clubcard Price) - Selected Extra Stores

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LEGO Disney 43217 Up house reduced from £49.99 to £30 + £5 off £25 spend posted HERE - Credit

LEGO Minecraft 21190 The Abandoned Village reduced from £44.99 to £27 + £5 off - £22 -50% off
Available online and in store at selected stores as per leaflet.
Tesco More details at

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  1. mrogsie's avatar
    Anyone have a scan of the code? Magazine not available in any nearby Tesco.
    Ewarysta's avatar
    50981521-5U9q3.jpgThere you go
  2. kazzybabes's avatar
    Does anyone know what the magazine looks like? Is it the usual tesco one you see in store?
    mrsandmum's avatar
    This is the one
  3. FlangeNut123's avatar
    This was my local on Wednesday night.
    dreadbricks's avatar
    Yes mine was like that too except no sign of the tie bomber - clubcard prices were valid last night as well so I just bought the Up house as I had a feeling it wouldn't stick around long as soon as the resellers are unleashed

    The security sticker wasn't too intrusive either so I fear the resellers will wipe them all out at my local
  4. online2014's avatar
    21190 not even on the website, how do i use the voucher in-store? just type code in the til?
    bossonmad1's avatar
    Just go to self scan checkout, type the code in manually and wave a piece of paper in vouchers slot. It fools the computer onto thinking you have put voucher in and acknowledges it. I did it twice on 2 separate transactions.
  5. louloupop02's avatar
    Stock in Gallows corner Romford

    Found Magazines in Chelmsford Miami
    dreadbricks's avatar
    Ah you see I said they were not mythical these magazines
  6. mrogsie's avatar
    Just got one in Newtonbreda Extra. None on shelves but the very helpful assistant went and got one from ‘last nights’s delivery’.
  7. NuffinisFree's avatar
    £25 for Disney Up House, at this rate I'm going to have a full street of them.

    I hope that they bring loads of toys in for this 'toy event' as my local hardly has any normally
    minifig290's avatar
    It will be larger stores only, i read somewhere selected Extras only.

    So not the ones with The Entertainer concessions. Though some larger superstores may have them.
  8. Fortmarkimus's avatar
    Tesco is such a mess, loads of Lego shown when not logged in, when I log in to use my clubcard, eight products are shown!
    dreadbricks's avatar
    Yeah it will only show you whats on the shelves to pick at your local store
  9. tiram's avatar
    Tesco cumbernauld has a decent amount of the up house and minecraft set left, 2pm on the 14th sept, if people are struggling to find them. None of the double car speed set left and around five of the tie bombers. However no clubcard magazines anywhere on site (edited)
  10. Danretro69's avatar
    Hi any left Slough extra of Lego up! House please?
    sjr29's avatar
  11. Demolitionman78's avatar
    Tesco Extra Yeovil had a few on a promo end. Plus if you can find an image of the voucher from the linked post £5 off made it £25.
    Also in a bizarre twist, they have 90% of stuff.. for some reason, I now own Juice selfie light ring for 75p
  12. Redonkulous's avatar
    Redding near falkirk currently have *hundreds* of these through the back apparently, just got one and entered coupon code at self checkout from the magazine photo in this deal, worked. Thanks for the heads up
  13. ruairi's avatar
    Got it last night in Tesco Extra Musselburgh, great deal!
  14. amy606's avatar
    There were quite a few in the Rotherham store. Hopefully that might help someone out
  15. FlangeNut123's avatar
    My local had a restock this morning, so I picked one up
    But now they have spider tags on

    How do you do the self-service checkout with a voucher on your phone? I had to pop the voucher in a little slot underneath
    minifig290's avatar
    Scan the voucher from your phone (or if it won't scan type in the barcode of the voucher) then when it says insert the voucher just place your clubcard into the slot then back out and it should register it as the voucher.

    What I have done and worked all the time, though probably recommend not doing it in front of a worker though as I don't think you are suppose to do it that way
  16. Mysticaltopaz24's avatar
    Thx Op Already reduced then £5 code off can't go wrong , heat added 🔥
  17. dreadbricks's avatar
    Great deal- got mine late last night £22.50
  18. CarlFredericksen's avatar
    My UP house 🏡 keeps getting cheaper and cheaper
  19. chrisdt's avatar
    Up house is OOS now.
    mrsandmum's avatar
    Offer has just started as per leaflet ends in October.

    This was also posted as in store but there was no location added by this member @crazymurdav (edited)
  20. minifig290's avatar
    Happy to report that some larger Superstores do have them, not just Extras.

    Evesham Superstore had all but these sets on offer, though Up House was out of stock sadly. So worth checking any large superstores if no extras nearby
    legodealsmad's avatar
    No need for up house i paid £0.00 as Argos refunded me for some reason why i paid £37.50 the full amount so not going to be beat 0.00 as a price. All other sets not retiring yet...
  21. Alpacamylego's avatar
    Thanks for posting got one with voucher plus had £10.50 clubcard points so paid £14.50 😃
  22. dreadbricks's avatar
    When you buy the UP house you can now wrap it for Christmas or take a selfie of yourself building it
  23. driweris's avatar
    Cant see Up Hoyse on website
  24. online2014's avatar
    so how do you use the cod do you type it in at the self-checkout?
    manicmidlander's avatar
    Yes, choose manually enter barcode.

    use the code - 9914115 005007 and put a piece of paper in the slot when it demands you insert a coupon.
  25. sk2402005's avatar
    its coming up out of stock when i log in....
  26. malm's avatar
    Checked my locals
    Nothing doing unfortunately.
    SuzanneT77's avatar
    Wonder what times they do restock I was in first thing
  27. SuzanneT77's avatar
    Checked my local non in stock
  28. Fortmarkimus's avatar
    An hour round trip to go to the biggest Tescos around here (Larkfield, Kent) and nothing, not even this mythical magazine.
    blue-note's avatar
    Aylesford doesn't have a Tesco toy store, it's run by The Entertainer so it won't have any Clubcard prices. There are 2 decent toy sections in the 2 Ashford Extras and in the Gillingham Extra.
  29. manicmidlander's avatar
    Trying to use the discount code and my own £3 off a £20 spend didn't allow code stacking.
  30. rob.harrison0WX's avatar
    Looked in 4 Tesco Extras and only Tesco Chorley showed them on the shelf but all sold out, do you think they will be restocked given the deal is on for a few more weeks?
  31. wikaman1's avatar
    Empty shelf at Stockport Extra, none in the back either. Will be there again in a few days so hoping for a restock 🤞
    sjr29's avatar
  32. rob.harrison0WX's avatar
    Picked one up from Chorley Tesco
  33. PhilRawcliffe's avatar
    Just picked mine up from tesco haslingden had quite a few in stock along with tiebombers and loads of the magazine 👌
  34. dreadbricks's avatar
    Restocks on the way for all sets this week

    Coupon is a bit hit and miss on self checkout but does work at manned tils (edited)
  35. SuzanneT77's avatar
    Stock in newtownbreda Tesco finally got one
  36. Stephen_petrou's avatar
    They canceled my order, 15 minutes before my collection time, been waiting about all morning. Such a useless inept company it's unreal. On top their food is a mess, with literally the same things always on offer for the last ten years. Get back in the bin tesco
  37. BigMo's avatar
    Picked up the Up House for £25 with a voucher and then visited the store on the way home and decided to get the Hulkbuster for £22 with another voucher. Many thanks OP
  38. brettburnell's avatar
    Any idea how to check if stores have stock ?
    PhilRawcliffe's avatar
    Check tesco app
  39. jafro1988's avatar
    Plenty of the Up house in Montrose, Scotland. Got one earlier today for £25 with the voucher
  40. malm's avatar
    Best for me are the Nascar
    Minecraft and Up sets .
    Got 2 of each .
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