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Posted 6 December 2022

LEGO Double Points On All Purchases From 09/12 to 13/12 @ LEGO Shop

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Credit to @Ashbeck for the spot.
The freebies should stack with the Double Points (while stocks last) the highest amount to spend is £200 to get all four plus the Adidas trainer (via StudentBeans).
LEGO Creator 3in1 30584 Winter Holiday Train £40 or more.
LEGO 40512 Fun & Funky VIP Add on Pack £50 or more.
LEGO 40565 Santa's Workshop £150 or more.
LEGO 5007622 Fleece Blanket £200 or more.
4043907_1.jpgDouble points offer is valid on VIP purchases from 09/12/2022 to 13/12/2022. Offer is available only while stocks last. Points will not be earned on any applicable taxes, delivery charges or value of gift cards purchased. For orders placed online or over the phone, your points will only be added within 009 hours after your order has been dispatched and we have taken payment from you. Offer cannot be combined with any other VIP offer, discount or voucher. Offer is not valid at LEGOLAND® Parks, LEGOLAND Discovery Centres or LEGO® Certified Stores. The LEGO Group reserves the right to amend or cancel this promotion at any time without prior notice. Subject to availability.
Lego More details at Lego

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    Would I still get all 4 GWPs if I use VIP points to bring the payable total below £200?
    Yes, it’s based on the value of the items in your basket regardless of how you pay for it. However you wouldn’t get VIP points on the amount you pay for with VIP points if that makes sense.
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    Noticed my "perks at work" thingy is showing 10% cashback for Lego for the next 3 weeks (it's usually 5%) on purchases over £200. Anyone know if the double VIP and GWPs work with an employee click-through?
    Yeah, there should be no issues. Those types of schemes are usually iffy about use of discount codes etc so it can be hit and miss but double VIP and GWP don't fall into that category. No idea what would happen if you add extra GWP like mini Adidas code though.
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    Used to love shopping at Lego but they just a rip off, Amazon, Costco Argos and other offer a lot better deal.

    48940722-f7lcR.jpg (edited)
    some sets for sure but you can’t get exclusives
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    Ah I bought a load of Christmas presents last Friday and today was told I could have a £90 lego gift myself! Will wait until double VIP and if the GWPs are still available I'll just reorder and return the others. Or do you think LEGO would backlog points/santas workshop if I emailed them? Would save them the hassle of returning and redelivery.

    I'm also thinking, if there were any delivery delays ahead of Christmas, I could still gift the items from the first order and carry out the refund with the second lot.
    It’s worth contacting them to ask. Their customer service seems to be pretty free to issue replacement or extra VIP points.
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    I think I'm just going to ask my boss to pay my wages to LEGO
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    NO MORE!!!! I can't take it! Have spent sooooo much on Lego in the past couple of months I could have paid a years fuel bills.

    Daily Bugle
    Home Alone
    Sanctum Sanctorum
    Central Perk
    Table Football
    Ferrari Daytona SP3
    Hogwarts Express (using £100 of VIP points to ease the pain)
    Bugatti Chiron

    Awaiting delivery of the Lighthouse from Lego.... and a BMW R1000 from Amazon Germany.

    At the last meeting of Lego Buyers Anonymous, I was confirmed as having a problem, but to recognise that keeping warm would not be a problem, given I had a couple of Lego Fleece blankets to keep me toasty.
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    When the offer goes live and these are in stock possible 4 GWP plus a with a student code the Adidas trainer

    What is the student code?
  8. Avatar
    Please reassure me that others have bags stashed with Lego in their garage too?!
    No, but my loft is bursting with it 😬. Have to always hope dpd show up on my wife's in office rather than at home days
  9. Avatar
    Bugger! Just put in a £260 order last night 🙈
    who buys these days at S@H for full price
  10. Avatar
    Just spent a fortune yesterday
  11. Avatar
    Wonder if the GWP's will still be available then?
    That's what I am wondering as well. Would be good to know as would hate to wait and miss out on lots of freebies.
  12. Avatar
    Silly question but if you are using a VIP reward on a purchase ie/ £5 off voucher do you still get double VIP points on the remaining amount of the order?
    Yes, you do.
  13. Avatar
    Looks like a LEGO store trip for me this weekend then!
  14. Avatar
    Ooohh - might finally be time to pull the trigger on R2-D2! Thanks mrsandmum
    Zavvi are a lot cheaper for r2 unless you really want the freebies but I’d rather the instant discount imho
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    Would anyone be willing to share a student code on the 9th please? I could swap for something on o2 priority or veryme if necessary? Thanks xx
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    Let's just hope all the GWPs are still around come Friday.
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    Anyone recommend some retiring sets to buy up to £100 my wallet can’t take any more than that
    501st clone troopers £25 a set smyths still have some stock or boba fett helmet if you can find stock
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    Just mulling it over, my item might go OOS... it's £80 - can anyone help my frazzled brain - is it worth hanging on for double VIP points, I can't even work out how much that equates to!
    I'll have a go, but don't blame me if I'm wrong...

    Earning points:
    £1 = 8 points
    £80 = 640 points (1280 for double points)

    1 point = £0.00625
    640 points = £4
    1280 points = £8
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    Great deal thanks
  20. Avatar
    Anyone having problems with GWP not adding to cart?
    Are you signed in to VIP? That's how the funky add on pack appears. I think Santas workshop is now oos but the blanket + the Eiffel office should probs be appearing here too.
  21. Avatar
    @SeanUSX this what shows for me, it seems the Santas workshop is OOS48987880-i4KtZ.jpg
    That's a surprise if it is. But I'm not showing any of the other GWP either...
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    Are the GWP’s worth anything on the 2nd hand market? I recently got the fleece, train and the two others and GWP’s from other promos. I’ll never use them so was curious. Thanks
    Check ebay. Santas Workshop and the fleece going for around £30 each. If they're sealed you can stick them on as new, they're not second hand.
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    Thanks OP, held back on an order because of this, got myself a cool 1700+ points. HEAT !!!
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    Hi - a question - I cancelled an order that I used VIP vouchers and reward redemption - how long does it take for those to come back onto my account - is it automatic?
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