LEGO duplo brick box half price plus 3 for 2 @ tesco

LEGO duplo brick box half price plus 3 for 2 @ tesco

Found 8th Dec 2010
135 pieces of duplo for £12.94.

This is out of stock online but in my local store (ipswich) they had 2 shelves and a big display bin at front of store full of them.

Absolute bargain for any young budding duplo fan!!!
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great price, will go check instore. Shame it's out of stock online. Heat added.
They have 325 piece boxes of regular lego for the same price.
I didnt see it in my local one, but great deal if you find it.
Thanks, I managed to get the 325 regular lego box (they are on the back of the stand with the Duplo boxes on the front), 5 or 6 different colours of Lego in a box for £6.49 and 3 for 2 - Tesco Pengam Green, Cardiff.
My mum just called, she got me 3 boxes of the Duplo for under £13! Excellent! Thank you for sharing! People are paying more for 2nd hand Duplo on Flea-Bay!
I managed to get 2 of the XXL 250 piece box of these at £24.98 reduced from £50 sometime on Thursday and another with 1600 piece for the deal... Oysterly store
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3 for 2 offer is the best bit about it... plus quidco.. (_;)
Bellshill Tesco has loads of the big boxes (1600 lego and 200 Duplo) picked up 3 boxes for £50. They are at the door, spoted as I was leaving so had to go back and buy.
are all toys 3 for 2 or just these, i walked past these in a hurry the other day...didnt realie the price...i'd love to get ds more duplo bricks
yeah all toys are 3 for 2, im sure its only until the end of the day, the signs are not that big, my husband didnt notice so had said ds couldnt have what he wanted, my dd must have noticed me putting 3 of everything in the trolly and started doing the same. U need to put through the till on seperate lots of the same value as only takes the lowest price item off (ie if u buy 3 at £10 and 3 at £2 the till will take 2 x £2 rather than one at £2 and one at £10)
The box of duplo is staill available half price (loads on shelf) at my local - Friern Barnet, North London, but the boxes of standard size lego are sold out there.
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